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The Mind Works In Mysterious Ways, Facebook works in another!

Created February 28, 2012 at 4:06pm


I m known for being Pro -Palestinians, Pro-Peace and Pro everything that people think is good for the majority of the world.

My posts are familiar in the international community of activists. I Share poetry, Palestinian News, and news that affect us all from around the world.

I use the internet as a tool, to search, research, and share what I discover, what I think is important to share, and also what I find interesting for all to know, of course all according to me.

I do not consider myself to be a writer, I m not journalist, and I did not attend the university to be a Professional Political writer or anything similar.

My studies are in the sciences, I m Register Nurse, Administrative Manager Medical Office graduate, Computer Programer, Internet Publisher, Web Site Designer, Civil Engineer(Non Graduated), Medical transcriptionists, Networking Specialist, as you see nothing to do with English and Literature so everything that I write is from a regular citizen that sees the world with analytical eyes, and I write about it. I love to research old documents, and antiques books and compile my own articles. You can call me a news recycler.

The internet is a magnificent way to distribute the events that occur in the world without editing the content or photoshopping the images, to share our ideas, and the ideas of others, but its also the best propaganda weapon, used by the elite and the governments, understanding by propaganda: Paid News that benefit the corporate world and the governments around the world that were imposed on their people. I want to share a little experiment with all my facebook friends.

I’m writing this note to leave evidence. We know that facebook is like a big family’s workplace, we know each other: by our posts, status and comments. In addition we are judged by our content in facebook. Our personality is liked or unliked by our taste on the postings, or the type of friends we are surrounded by.

Many friends in facebook do not post their real pictures, some, because their religion, or their culture, and some, because they enjoy the anonymous presence that this gives them in facebook.

I know of friends that are in love with the faces they see in facebook,  whose faces are models, actresses, singers or other not real characters they have created, where they live in a virtual fantasy life around these ‘faces’.

There are friends that ‘befriend’, because they can some how use you. Very common, if you are from the US, you will have many admires that want to have a romance with you, ‘ultimate goal’  ‘green card’, not all of them, but lots of them.

Some have even gone  far enough to create a profile of the opposite sex  pretending to be woman or man, and they had developed friendships,  that look real, but they are leaving in a fake reality. Some had done it for curiosity, others to infiltrate circles of friends that other wise would not be available to them.

Facebook is the perfect place to develop friendships and even to created more than friendships, some have fallen in love, and some have even got married with their facebook friends, others had woken up to a sad reality, where their “friends” were already married, too old or too young, or just trolls.

Facebook platform has been used to lure us into believing in ideas that are not ours, some ‘friends’ are using facebook to distribute their radical ideas, their agenda, their government agendas, ..but we do not know that..we are part of their network and we are believed to be part of that agenda, these friends are so careful to first become your ‘great’ friend, at the beggining she/he will be sharing with you only spiritual messages, or beautiful pictures, only after you become ‘their’ friend and feel that safely can share his/her material in your wall he do with the conscience that you will defend his/her ideas no matter what.

Some common occurrence in facebook is the gossip-like environment that is embraced for some, they follow the mounting evidence created out of gossip, comments made, pictures posted and web sites that have not been corroborated, web pages built only to “Prove Things”, I myself know people that create web sites only to confuse and to distribute the opposite idea of what is being said. Debunking.

In facebook we share happy faces, we give love, we make friends, but also we make heroes, we destroy characters, we destroy people lives with the easiness of a few strokes of the keyboard and we make free enemies, and great friends as well.

Some ‘friends’ become so close to us that they communicate with us outside of facebook, they really become closed friends in facebook they share their personal pictures, news and others things, but they do not show us at the beginning their political affiliations, or their ultimate goal, they dragged ‘us’ to their facebook environment, and others judge us for that friendship.

Your friend’s political ideas are stamped on you, because you are friend with that person.

Some even get to develop friendship jealously and some have tried to imposed their will on some of us, very common to spread the if “you are his/her friend can’t be in his/her list”…
Very often your friends want to put you in between the wall and the sword, telling things like this:

Every pro Palestine supporter should immediately take her off their friends list,by being friends with her they are directly supporting her.


Delete him/her, Otherwise, you are giving her tacit support.

That is absolutely not true, we can share opinions and agree in some topics and disagree in others. I have the experience. I have been bashed, insulted, and slandered for the people that insist on being the only right about topics.  People,that sees the world black and white, like Bush, “if you are not with me, you are against me,” cheap rhetoric, but powerful enough to make you lose friendships over ideas.

I completely disregard their claims, and I keep as my friends who I want, and delete who I don’t. I do not care, if we differ in opinions, it is natural to be different.

Facebook is our reunion room, after dinner-coffee-table. We come here to share, comment, learn, teach, to gossip, to create division, some have change their ideology and religion over facebook and become activists themselves. I have witnessed the transition of dozen friends.

I m very happy for that, I have tried myself to nurture some minds, and I have become their friends trying to help them to become humans again, that is the case of dozen of friends of mine that are for choice or no choice soldiers in armies, some success stories other not, but something for sure they did not make me believe in their ideas, even if their reasons are valid.

Any way that is the idea, that’s how I see facebook, and from now on February 28, 2012 I will paint another face of myself, and I hope that I m wrong, but I m almost sure that I will lose my dear friends over facebook experiment New Face. I m also with this experiment to test my friendship with my brothers and sisters that have bonded with me..if real friendship exist will prevail.


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Indeed I m in LOVE!

Posted by Marivel Guzman
Indeed I m in Love!.

Indeed I m in Love

How fortunate got to be the owner of my dreams,
How fortunate got to be the dreamers that share my dreams,
How fortunate got to be the minds that expand,
The MINDS that create better REALITIES!
The Ones that are ILLUMINATED and WALK the path
of the light worker, the ONE that sees, hears, feels, senses and transcends without looking back,
Indeed I m in LOVE, and I tell you WHY:
Because my dreams are extensive and eccentric, out of the norm,
Because my dreams are explosive and comprise the whole world,
My ideal of love is more than just an isolated sentiment reciprocated.
My love is a great energy that moves with me, and within the world that I want to live IN.
I m in love with LOVE!, because gives me the reason to live,
I m in love with my inner self, because is my energy vortex that exalts me to a higher self,
I m in love with the world that I m defending, because I only have ONE.
I m in love with nature, that I want to preserve, for my children and your children, and the Future Generations,
I m in love with PEACE!, because I want it for everyone on earth, because is a God’s given gift.
I m in love with Mother Earth because she is the Mother of life and green, and she worths the fight,
I m in love with the PEN, because let me express my most intimates feelings,
I m in love with the RED of my HEART, because, RED gives me the passion, and the courage
to tell you how I m feeling inside,
I m in love with POETRY, because is the expression of your MIND and your HEART thinking as ONE,
I m in love with the WORD! because spreads the simpler TRUTH,
I m in love with Palestine the symbol of human struggles, and is my children Land.
I m in love with Gaza because she is a prisoner inside a prison, and I want her to be free,
I m in love with you the resistance fighter, that love his land more than himself, because he will gives his blood to sink on the land to feed it and not let it die,
I m in love with anyone that stands for justice, because he will stop at NOTHING! and will raise his voice, and will fight for you, without blinking an eye,
I m in love with the innocent mind because is pure, and can not be in chains of any kind.
I m in love with my Dreams, because they guide me and they lead me to be better all the time,
I m in love with the eternal dreamer of the spotless mind, because he will always will be striving for better reality than the ONE is offered with strings and pulling all the TIME!.
I m in Love with you LOVE!, because Love will never fights back, and LOVE never DIES.
I m in love with the conscientiousness that is moving and changing the Note of Love to a Universal Feeling that envelopes us ALL, and make us EVOLVE to other dimensions NEVER Sense before.
I m in love with YOU! and I send you my frequency of Love, to be tune up to a higher vibration, to reach the altitudes of the purest state of the mind,

Do you Love ME? Do you love your WORLD?

Can you share my Dreams?

Can you fight absurdity with me?

Can you put aside HATE AND GREED, and move toward The World I want to see and BE?

Can you Choose Between WAR and PEACE! and do it with the understanding that WAR is not OPPOSITE of PEACE?

I want you to see through my eyes, and feel with my heart,

And I want you to feel my compassion, I want you crying with rage, when you see pain inflicted in another human being. When you see trees being cut, when you see, SEEDS genetically MODIFIED.

I want you to YELL MAD, when you see Planes spreading Chemtrails that is not other thing but POISON,

Chemtrails that kills your WATER, and make HELL OUT OF A HURRICANE,


Now you know Why I m in LOVE?


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Gaza Heart and Mind

By: Kamal Sobeh Posted by Marivel Guzman

How can a Gazan person present himself if his image had been distorted due to the negative thinking that made him sterile and destroyed his abilities for imagination and creativity?

How can he even see, if he is wearing black glasses as thick as windshield glass with layers of rust that had been accumulated in his mind and heart?

And how could he walk if his prosthesis is also truncated.
By hundreds in Gaza they ask themselves? is not the same for the others? as they do not dare to question the others, whom have the infallibility of their command and the key to life.

In Gaza nothing is going according to the requirements of a decent life, and happiness.

We are talking about people that have the ability to adapt rapidly, who, if given 500 dollars today have the ability to survive tomorrow.

The people have become aware that there is another basic requirement to live that goes beyond food and clothing, the incentive to live, which they are losing every moment.

He could not imagine himself on a trip with his sons because he simply does not have a permit to leave Gaza’s barbed wires.
Removing Barbe Wire withing the "buffer Zone"

He could not imagine his son, as a journalist struggling with his pen to write against the corruption that prevents such things as justice, purity and freedom, because the advocates of justice and freedom in and around Gaza have their own law, which prevents others from speaking the truth.

This is the bleak picture cameras can pick up if approached from Gaza borders, and the question arises, what is needed from the Palestinian Gazans to do in order to live their life with dignity, freedom, justice and security?.

Gimpse from outside Gaza

For more than 60 years since 1948, the Palestinians didn’t exclude anything; they tried Expulsion, Loss, Displacement, War and finally Peace.

At the end, the Palestinians succeeded in making peace with the world, but a small question remained: Is it not better to make peace amongst them selves?

The Palestinians in Gaza didn’t understand that their case rests on three pillars namely: National domestic alignment, Arab alignment, and International alignment, and the relationship between these alignment, is sequential in the sense that the second axis does not arise only if the first axis is based, and so on.

Another small question: Where do the Palestinian pillars rest on his case?
He destroyed the first axis by internal conflict, exhausted all the ingredients,
therefore the Arab axis became unable to take up the cause torn.

He awaits the opportunity to escape from his duties because it is tied up at the same time for his own interests and thus become the international situation is less supportive of the Palestinian cause.

So Palestinians in Gaza are important for teeth of internal conflict and the loss of they case which was lost with the hope of freedom, justice and peace.

Therefore the Palestinians must bring peace to themselves before attempting to achieve a comprehensive peace with others. Furthermore, the world must bequeath dignity, respect, freedom and security to the Palestinians, and contribute to halt the conflict and put an end to the violation of the daily humane rights abuses.

The world will find that the Palestinian is just a person that dreams of raising his children and dreams to show them the future sky free of the dust of war, to show them the green land without the contamination of blood stains and dreams of flowers before they trampled under the tanks.

However, most importantly, the Palestinians in Gaza have to be free from all negative and wrong ideas.-

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Palestinian Cause is a Matter of Humanity

DR. MUSTAFA BARGHOUTI, SECRETARY GENERAL, PALESTINIAN NATIONAL INITIATIVE: I think it’s my duty to present to you the reality of the situation in Palestine, because I believe you have the right to know the truth. It is especially important to do that, given the fact that, unfortunately, most of the media outlets do not present to you the reality as they should, and in many cases, as I found in my work, most of the Western media is definitely influenced by a certain narrative, usually the Israeli narrative, when describing the situation. So, of course, when I present that to you, you’re not going to see that I’m neutral.

I’m not neutral, and I don’t claim that. I am a Palestinian who’s defending [the] Palestinian cause, but who is defending justice in the region for everybody. But I will try to be as objective as I could. But presenting the truth, and the reality, too, is very important, because as once a great writer and feminist said, Virginia Woolf, she said nothing has happened till it’s been described. And there are big parts of our history that were lost because they were not described, and we’ve promised ourselves that we will not let this happen to us again.

I will try to explain to you the situation not because—you will notice in my talk I’m not going to talk about the Palestinian rights from the perspective of nationalism, because this is not my goal. As a matter of fact, I think even if I wasn’t a Palestinian, if I was born somebody else, Canadian, maybe, or anybody else, and knew the situation, I would be doing exactly what I’m going to do today, because this is an issue of justice that concerns not only Palestinians or Arabs or Christians or Muslims; it concerns all humanity.

That’s how I see it. The second thing I will do is to try to explain to you this rise of a very powerful movement of nonviolence in Palestine and why the rise of this movement is so important, why it is promising, but why also it is so important that it is supported by strong international solidarity movement to guarantee its success. And then maybe I will try to explain what you can do to help in this situation. But let us first start with the situation.

It is important to mention that the whole idea of two-state solution is not new. It’s something that goes back to 1947.
Originally, the Palestinians—before most of them got dispossessed in 1948 by the Israeli troops, Palestinians opted and wanted to have one democratic state in Palestine with everybody living together, side by side, with equal rights and equal duties.
The world community pushed for another kind of solution, which is two states, and in 1947 the United Nations decided on the so-called partition plan, which would allocate 55 percent of the land of historic Palestine to Israelis, to Israel, and 45 percent to Palestinians. At that time, Palestinians represented 70 percent of the population of Palestine and owned more than 90 percent of the land. Yet Israel was established not on 55 percent but rather on 78 percent.

What remained was only the West Bank and Gaza Strip, which is only 22 percent of the historic Palestine, and this area was occupied by Israel in 1967. In 1988, the PLO, being the representative of the Palestinians, decided to accept a very painful compromise, and that compromise was that they would agree with a two-state solution, where Palestinian state would be established in the West Bank and Gaza Strip only. That means Palestinians accepted to have a state in less than half of what they should have had, according to the same United Nations resolution which gave Israel its legitimacy.
And many Palestinians thought this would lead to peace. That was the basis of Oslo Agreement. And to the great surprise of the Palestinian negotiators, when they went to Camp David in 1999, this was the map offered to them by the Israelis, where the state would be without Jerusalem, without borders, without many areas in the West Bank that include many of the settlements, and most important, without most of the water resources in the West Bank. And as if this was not enough, Prime Minister Sharon, at the time, of Israel, and then later Netanyahu, came up with this plan, which is to take away even more parts of the West Bank, specifically the whole area of the Jordan Valley, and to transform the concept of statehood into nothing but clusters of ghettos or bantustans.

So it is important to recognize how the whole idea of statehood over years was reduced gradually from 45 percent to 22 percent, which Palestinians accepted, down to 18 percent, and then later to less than 11 percent in fragmented territories. Did this happen by accident? No. It happened according to a plan. And that plan was developed back in 1967, when the Israeli foreign minister at the time, Yigal Allon, decided to develop this plan, which was adopted by the Israeli establishment, to deal with a problem that the Israelis faced when they occupied us in ’67.

That problem was we did not leave as they expected. The people decided to learn from the experience of ’48. And although their life was at risk, their decision was: we will stay even if we will be killed. And that created the so-called demographic problem for Israel, because they didn’t expect to occupy the West Bank and Gaza and find all these people. So the Yigal Allon plan was about how to contain the so-called demographic factor, and the Allon plan was was about building settlements around Jerusalem in the Jordan Valley, and then up in the north and in the south, to enclave Palestinian cities and villages into these clusters of ghettos or bantustans. And that’s exactly what happened. This is how the West Bank looked like back in 1967. All the yellow spots you see on the map are Palestinian communities—villages, towns, or refugee camps.

There wasn’t a single Jewish colony or settlement. First they built settlements—all these red spots. Then they created a series of checkpoints. (I put on the map only half of the military checkpoints, which amount to 630 today, because if I put all the checkpoints on the map, you will see a completely black map.) Then came the wall. The wall was nothing but another factor in a matrix which was designed to appropriate as much land as possible. The wall, contrary to what many people think, is not a wall on the borders between West Bank and Israel. It is not separating Israelis from Palestinians. It is a wall that, in 85 percent of the time, is built inside the occupied Territories, and in most of the time it is separating Palestinians from Palestinians.

They claim that the wall was built for security reasons. This is not true. This map shows you the so-called Oslo map. On this map you can see in these dark brown spots the areas that were given to the Palestinian Authority to control. Now, of course, Israel has taken back everything they gave, because there isn’t any security (complete control of the Palestinian Authority) anywhere. But during the implementation of Oslo—it started in ’94—contrary to what Oslo agreement said, Israel did not redeploy from 90 percent of the West Bank as it should have, but redeployed only [inaudible] these dark spots, and allowed the Palestinian Authority to have some kind of functional authority in the yellow areas, like collecting garbage or controlling the sewage systems, where they existed. But the rest of the white area, this whole white area, which is called Area C, more than 60 percent of the West Bank was maintained under Israeli complete control.

That means that if I have a land in Area C, I will not be allowed—. That was a deterioration, by the way, from before Oslo, because after Oslo, if I had to plant a tree in many of the pieces of the land in the Area C, even if I own the land, I would need a permit from the Israeli military. Nobody could build a house, put a water pipe, or build a school without Israeli permits. The only map that looks like this in modern history was this map, the map of the bantustans in the South African apartheid system. Then in some bantustans you have governments.

In one of them you had even a king. But that meant nothing, because all these governments were under the control of the apartheid regime, as much as today the Palestinian Authority, whether in West Bank or Gaza, is also under the Israeli occupation. During 63 years of what has become the longest occupation in modern history, and after 62 years of dispossessing more than half of the Palestinian people, who became now more than 5.5 million refugees spread all over the world—including some of those who are living here in Canada—during this period of time, Israel has developed a system of apartheid. I know that for some Israelis it is a harsh word. I know some people find it difficult to use this word.

And I invite you wholeheartedly to give me another expression, if you can, to describe this situation today where Israel controls more than 85 percent of our water in the West Bank and allows Palestinians to use no more than 50 cubic meters of water per capita per year, while it allows Israeli settlers to use 2,400 cubic meters per year, 48 times more than us. How would you describe a situation when Israelis make on average a GDP of $26,000 per year, while Palestinians make only $1,000, but we are obliged to buy products at Israeli market price because of an imposed tax [inaudible]?
We even have to pay double the price that Israelis pay for water and double the price that they pay for electricity. What is even worse is the fact that most of our main roads in the West Bank, after 42 years of occupation, have been confiscated and have become segregated, and they are exclusive for Israeli people, soldiers, or illegal settlers, while Palestinians who dare to go and drive on them and walk on them could be sentenced, according to the most recent military order, could be put in jail for 7 years. Segregation of roads did not exist even during the time of Jim Crow laws in the United States. They did not exist even during the worst time of apartheid in South Africa. This is the wall. In the Canadian press, you frequently come across a description of the wall as a “fence”. Sometimes they call it a “barrier”. A fence is nothing harmful.

We all know that. But this fence is 8 to 9 meters high. It’s going to be 850 kilometers in length. It would be three times the length and twice as high as Berlin wall used to be, the same Berlin wall which was heavily criticized for decades as an awful structure, and which the humanity celebrated the 20th anniversary of its downfall last November. A wall that is depriving people from freedom of movement. A wall that is destroying today our economy, destroying our health system, destroying our ability to get proper education. This is a woman standing on the roof of her two-floor building in Bethlehem. Her house is surrounded by the wall from all directions.

I visited her recently, and she told me she cannot go to the roof of her own house anymore, because the Israeli army told her she needs a military permit to go to the roof of her own house. And when she asked why, they told her, because your presence could be a threat to the wall. This is the main road between Jerusalem and Ramallah. I am a medical doctor by education. I practiced medicine for 15 years in Jerusalem. I was born in Jerusalem. But since five years, I’m forbidden, like most Palestinians, from entering Jerusalem even with a permit. The situation in Jerusalem is horrifying. It’s a situation where serious discrimination exists.

If a man or a woman who has Jerusalem ID tries to get married to another spouse from the West Bank, let’s say, he or she will not be able to grant the husband or the wife the citizenship of Jerusalem, which means the husband or the wife cannot come to live in Jerusalem. And if the person who is from Jerusalem goes to live with his wife in the West Bank, he will lose citizenship in Jerusalem. We know of a case recently when a husband and a wife were trying to solve their problem, and they were presented to a judge, an Israeli judge.

All the thing that the judge cared about [sic] was how the husband and the wife were not living together and yet they managed to have three children. What is apartheid? Apartheid is a system when you have two different sets of laws for two different people living in the same area. Any Jewish immigrant from Brooklyn or Siberia would be granted immediately the citizenship in the airport when he arrives to Israel, and that person could live not only in Jerusalem but anywhere in any of the illegal settlements in the West Bank without losing the citizenship.

If this is not apartheid, then what is apartheid? This road to Jerusalem does not exist anymore. It is already separated by this wall that is dividing Palestinians from Palestinians. On the right side of this photo, you see a man who is a Palestinian, and on the left side you see a woman who’s also Palestinian.
I once watched a very good movie. I’m sure many of you have seen it. It’s called The Pianist. And I was touched by that movie. That movie shows the suffering of the Jewish people during the time of the Holocaust and during the time of the Second World War. And I happen to be informed about that suffering, whether in the Holocaust or in other times, and nothing from what I’m telling you today negates, denies, or undermines the suffering of the Jewish people, whether in the Holocaust or during pogroms of Russia or during the Inquisition time or in other times. Nothing is denying that. But that suffering of the people during the Holocaust does not by any means justify the suffering of the Palestinian people today, because, first of all, we were not responsible for the suffering of the Jewish people. We were not part of it. As a matter of fact, Palestine was one of the safe havens where Jews and Jewish people lived side by side with Christian and Muslim Palestinians, in harmony, before the rise of the Zionist movement.

And I am sure—I tend to think—sometimes I dream about this and think, if those who suffered during the Holocaust and died would come back to life, I am sure they will be today supportive of the Palestinian rights, because they would not accept injustice that they were also subjected to. That’s why when I was watching the movie The Pianist, I could not stop myself from thinking about Qalqilyah, a city with 46,000 people located in the north of the West Bank. You see an air photo in the slides here which shows you the city surrounded by a huge white structure from all directions. It’s the wall, which is enclaving the city, leaving only one little passage, a small road that is 8 meters width, which has a gate, and the gate has a key, and the Israeli soldiers hold the key, and they can shut off the city any time they want. This is how it looks from the air. You can see the wall surrounding the city. And on the left side you can see a highway [inaudible] which was also built on the land of Qalqilyah. But this road is exclusive for Israelis.

The people of Qalqilyah would not be allowed to reach that road, as much as they would not be allowed to reach the land of their farms around the city. The only thing that changed in this picture is that recently the Israeli side has painted the wall and planted trees so that the drivers on the highway would not be hurt by the image of this terrible wall. Nobody, of course, thought of what’s happening on the other side. And today, tens of thousands of people are enclaves in clusters behind the wall, between the wall and the borders with Israel. They cannot go west and they cannot go east. They cannot go to schools or universities, or to hospitals. If they want to cross, they need permits, which have to be renewed every one or two or three months. But even if they have military permits to cross, they can cross only according to the schedule that is established here by the Israeli army, which says people can cross only between 7:40 in the morning and 8:00, from 2:00 to 2:15 p.m., and 6:45 to 7:00 p.m.—50 minutes a day.

You can imagine what happens to a woman in labor if she has to give birth—and you know that labor doesn’t come to women according to a schedule. You can imagine what happened to some people who had heart attacks and suffered for hours before they were allowed to cross the gate. As a matter of fact, 80 women, 80 Palestinian women, had the great unpleasant experience of having to give birth in front of soldiers at checkpoints or in front of the gates. And they lost—one-third of them lost their babies. Nothing in the world can justify this image, when children have to line behind the gates and wait for the Israeli soldiers to cross. I know that recently here in Canada and in some other places there is a lot of talk about anti-Semitism, and anybody that dares to criticize the Israeli policy would automatically be accused of anti-Semitism. Well, let me tell you that the way I see it in this picture, what I see here is also anti-Semitism, where an Israeli soldier is practicing anti-Semitism against Palestinian children, who are Semites, too. In this picture you see, in the upper part, a farm. In the lower part you see what remained of the farm after the wall was built in the village of Falamiya. This used to be a market in another village called Nazlat ‘Isa. This, what remained of the market after the wall was built. This is a house that was cut into two pieces so that the wall would be built. And this is how close the wall is to people’s houses. This is how a settlement looks like. And this is how a Palestinian village looks like near that settlement.

This is how it looks when people cross the checkpoints. They could be delayed for hours. But maybe one of the worst suffering is happening today in Gaza. The Israeli government claims that it has left Gaza, but the reality is that it is still controlling all the passages to Gaza, controls the water around Gaza (and that’s why any fisherman who dares to cross more than 5 miles into the sea would be shot at), and controls the airspace, as well. This little, tiny sector, which is only 360 square kilometers, with 1.5 million people living in it, has been put under terrible embargo and siege for the last 3 years. And last year the Israeli army used all its arsenal to attack that little sector. Sixty F-16 jet fighters were used to attack the Gaza area, and within three minutes they killed 240 people. The total outcome was 1,440 deaths among Palestinians, mostly civilians, including 412 children. Five thousand three hundred were injured, including 1,855 children. Had we have the population of the United States [sic], we would be talking about approximately 250,000 people killed and around 1 million people injured within a period of three weeks. Twenty-five thousand houses have been demolished partially or completely. The world community met in Sharm el-Sheikh and pledged hundreds of millions of dollars to rebuild the houses. After a year and a half, not a single house or school or hospital has been rebuilt, because Israel has not allowed a single sack of cement or piece of glass to enter Gaza, and the whole international community is incapable of convincing Israel to allow construction material to reach Gaza. In our research we did recently, we found out that 90 percent of the people who had to leave their homes during the attacks went back, and they are now living in these destroyed houses because they have no other place to go to. But one of the most painful things to me was the fact that when the Israeli army was leaving the inside of Gaza area, they destroyed, on their way out, 352 remaining factories for no reason whatsoever. All these images are images of factories that were destroyed completely.

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Inseparable Twins

By Marivel Guzman
Jun 14, 2010

Anguish and sadness,
Excruciating pain,
Grieving, departing,
Memories gathering
Squishing them tight
Take them in your journey

Afraid to say…
the last good byes
Behind your leaving
Your Mother Land…
Wanted to escape,
To run!,
Fighting your shadows,
your mind!
Dark Torment,
ghost of the past,
Shadows of the present
Don’t cry is part of life

Leaving behind your mother
Is not a crime!
Leaving Your cradle,
your dreams
your bed,
your friends
Is just part of live
Sons of the mother,
Missing her breath
Her worries,
her endless advices!,
The kitchen spices……..
Her lovely hands,

Although with pain
They need to abandon
That beloved soil
The Mother Land
Holding your fits
to your heart
Yelling in profound silence,
you Ask!
What you’ve given me?……
Death, Misery and blood!
Oh Dear Beloved
Sons of this land
Terrible future you have
You want to live,
You want to fly,
But the ties to the land,
And the guilt of your absence,
Are spears in your heart

That Distance promising
As a poisonous arrow,
Your soul is free
To decide, you know
Victory is not given…..
Not to barren hands

Rivers of blood feeding
To the thirsty land,
Never enough,
To Quench the thirst of the war,
Longing to return already
But have not even
This Land that saw you
play, And cry!
Tormented soil,
Hearing the thunder
The Bombs,
Your mother pots
your brothers laughing
Your cries and laughs
All blended in time!
Your wrote his story
In every hill,
every hole, every grave
every tree,
the mist, the blows in the morning
the light the gives life

You are every where
My sons, you exist
In the Nowhere…..
That part of everything
That sees,
that touch!
Always Moving,
Touching everything
Penetrating all the landscape
Your joy and your pain
Feeling like one,…..
the same!

My sons, You want to go,
And conquer the world,
but that wound in your heart,
grows like the Vine
Run My son, ride the winds,
touch the other side
We are the same,
continuity, sea and dirt
Like Mahmoud Darwish,
Using his pen and soul,
To give his message
with angel wings to the world
Writing emptiness in the sky
He won your heart, my heart

Mi memories will live in you
Inside your flesh,
Running through your blood,
Being here,
or there.
I embrace you the same!
Be gone, grow wings, Fly!
That this land will always be here
Always be yours,
You are not departing
We are moving to the
other side, you and me

This poem of love
Will always survive
The pain of the mothers,
Will be there, with you
With your soul in your flesh,
That grief will be joy
When you my sons pray
Every time your forehead
Touches the ground!
All the laughs, memories, pains,
Blended as one in that moment
of meditation, raising your vibration
Be happy, Be Palestine

Time will give you
That sought peace
No battles, no bombs
The story is rewritten
You win!,
Peace be with you
You deserve it
Behold that though
When you feel Free
I will be Free, because…
We are one
Mother, sons and Land

I will be in your dreams
Return of this mount of soil,
My essence will give you warm
The thought, will give you
Food for you soul.
Ancestral ties
always here, my sons,
Always yours, remember
Your Land is Palestine
Continuous terrain
that connect, all the around,
Don’t cry.
Just touch the ground,
Is all sacred,
The mystery of life
That connects.
Love is with you,
As soul and heart,
As you are dirt,
You are part of this land,
Inseparable twins

Mothers, sons and the Land is Palestine

Palestine is in her sons and the Land that sorround us all, the holy land

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The Disease and Death of a Bully

By Les Blough, Editor. Axis of Logic                                                      Posted by Marivel Guzman
Axis of Logic
Monday, May 31, 2010

In every country of the world people are outraged today by Israel’s attack on the ships that were bringing 10,000 tons of humanitarian aid to the Palestinians in Gaza. Turkey has recalled it’s foreign ministry from Israel, cutting off ties and international bodies such as the UN and the Brussels Tribunal have joined in the outcry. Arab, Asian, Latin American and some European countries are condemning the attacks today. The US and a few other countries under Zionist control are parroting statements of regret about the loss of life. Meanwhile, the bully defends his actions with the pretext of self-defense.

The Bully’s Pathological Reaction

According to Al Jazeera, some Israelis cheered the Israeli attack and even distributed sweets to ‘celebrate the attack and the killing of the activists’,” oddly reminiscent of the Israelis who danced, celebrating the attacks on the World Trade Centers on September 11, 2001. If any Israelis are condemning or protesting the attacks, they are not to be found in our review of the literature today. Meanwhile, on every corporate media outlet, Israel claims victimhood and self-defense again, blaming the unarmed victims for attacking their heavily armed soldiers who boarded their ship from helicopters in international waters.

What is the reaction to worldwide condemnation in the mind of Israel? The bully swaggers and brushes off criticism as unimportant. His response is similar to the condemnation mounted against him for his slaughter of civilians in Gaza in 2009. Based on his words and actions, it’s not difficult to imagine that Israel is not only impervious to international condemnation, they quite possibly love it. If the personality of the Israeli state and many of its inhabitants need anything, it needs attention. They seem to have a pathological need to be “front and center” and whether the attention gained is positive or negative – is of no real importance to them. This narcissism is very much like that which we see in many celebrities on stage and in the movies. The Zionist’s worst nightmare is that of losing his fame … or his infamy. Losing the applause or condemnation would mean facing the terror of looking inward and facing the horror that may lurk within. His fragile ego, guilt and fractured self-image makes him unpredictable or so he wants everyone to believe. Negative attention for this swaggering bully in the school yard proves his feelings of power which he desperately needs to compensate for his deep-seated paranoia and sense of impotence. The more widely condemned and the more atrocious his attacks, the greater the psychological compensation.

The Turkish Ship

Israel carefully chose to attack the relief ship from Turkey over the the other 5 ships in the flotilla. Turkey’s prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has repeatedly and courageously condemned Israel’s attacks inside Gaza in January, 2009 and their 60 years of theft and murder of Palestinians and he publicly embarrassed Shimon Peres at Davos in February “When it comes to killing, you know very well how to kill.” When you challenge and embarrass a bully, bereft of self-esteem, you can expect to be threatened if not attacked. Benjamin Netanyahu, defended the cowardly attack on the heroic activists today saying that he gave his “full backing” to the military force. The bully cannot afford to have his reputation for violence questioned before those who fear him. Erdogan’s refusal to cooperate with Israel economically or militarily and to confront them publicly has further exacerbated Israel’s psychopathology. These acts by Erdogan set the stage for Israel’s decision to attack the Turkish ship, loaded with unarmed activists and humanitarian supplies. Of one thing all nations can be certain: if you have the audacity and gall to criticize Israel on the international stage, you can expect a reprisal. Those reprisals come in different forms such as assassinations by Mossad death squads as in their murder of Hamas leader, Mahmoud Mabhouh, in Dubai earlier this year or many others like their murder of Sweden’s Foreign Minister Anna Lindh for her leadership in the call for international boycott of Israeli exports in 2003.

Venezuela’s President Chavez has also experienced the wrath of the Zionists after he booted out the Israeli ambassador following their acts of genocide in Gaza. So far that wrath has only been expressed in the lies of the corporate media, calling him a dictator and Venezuela, “undemocratic”; attacks on the Venezuelan economy by the money changers in the brokerage houses; Israel’s military support for Venezuela’s enemies in Colombia; and attempts to brand the Venezuelan government as “anti-semitic”. Today we heard an announcement on Venezuelan television, not lost on the ears of the enemy to be sure, that the government plans to meet tomorrow to discuss measures that might be taken to curtail petroleum shipments to Israel and to eliminate all Israeli products from Venezuelan stores. Whatever action is taken, we can expect more reprisals from the bully. With assistance from Cuban intelligence, we are sure that the Venezuelan government is fully apprised of the threat of Israeli economic and physical violence inside the country. Former president Fidel Castro did not survive so many assassination attempts through the years by being stupid. But after having the courage to condemn and embarrass the bully publically, one must assume that his intent on revenge will not sleep until he has been finally defeated.

Giving Voice to the Bully

The international capitalist media has given voice to Israel’s defense of their attack while the activists, 19 of whom were killed and scores of others injured, are being held in an Israeli prison with no contact by the media, with even their cell phones either confiscated or cut off. Today, CNN TV bemoaned the fact that Israel will not allow their reporters’ access to the imprisoned victims. At the same time, they give opportunity for the Israelis to spew their lies about how their soldiers only shot the activists in self-defense. The uniformed Israeli killers boarded their ship from helicopters, armed to the teeth while we are told by an Israeli-CNN spokesperson, “the militants” on the ship had “attacked them with great violence” (using slingshots and marbles and clubs). The corporate media obviously doesn’t give a damn about insults to the viewer’s intelligence nor even bothers to offer a pretense of credibility. They are the bully’s paid thugs, marching in lock-step with him, along with the US, European and some Arab governments. Just as Bully Israel is doing his job in the Middle East for one world government, the media is doing theirs. If CNN were serious about their desire to interview the victims, they could easily tell Israel, “We won’t give you stage until you give us access to them.” But of course that wouldn’t serve the agenda of the corporate media.

The Burial of the Atrocity

Splish-Splash – the Israelis kill again and the corporate media has its orgastic moment for a day, week or month. The crime fades from their newspapers, websites and TV screens and then becomes “history.” The only ones who continue to suffer are the maimed and the loved ones of the 19 dead … and the Palestinians in Gaza. They aren’t given a voice except in the alternative media on websites like this one. Aside from the alternative media, were it not for countries like Turkey, Syria, Iran, Venezuela and the ALBA countries – and Hezbollah – the victims and our memory of them would be buried and forgotten within a year or two.

The Burial of the Bully

There are times when the bully swaggers on for years, plundering the wealth of nations and killing the innocent and oppressing the poor. The victims on earth cry out, “How long!” The death of the bully comes too slowly for the afflicted. In this case, he sits on his pile of nuclear weapons at Dimona, threatening anyone who dare criticize let alone mount military opposition against him. But death comes to all and in different forms. In the case of Israel, it may come in the form of the economic collapse of the Great Whore of Washington at whose teats the bully has sucked for 60 years or more. When the mother dies – the suckling dies along with her. Or the death may come in the form of an international revolt by governments forced by the people to overthrow the bully, Dimona be damned. We cannot prophesy what disease will finally take down the bully, but we are certain that it has already invaded the body and death will come as surely as all human beings and empires finally go to their graves. And then? There will always be bullies.

We honor those heroes who laid down their life today to support their brothers and sisters in Gaza. We salute all those who set sail on this mission. They deserve our respect they serve as examples for the rest of us. We cannot become distracted by this. We must stay focused, follow their in their footsteps and carry out the mission they’ve begun.

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