Seeds and Dreams

The New Press: Free Press, Where The Truth is the News


By Marivel Guzman


The only place where you can dream

is in your mind.

You can build castles of light,

and travel into the absolutely

nothingness of a fantasy land.

Nothing can stop you from dreaming

with being an angel in paradise,

or being the dreamer that hold life

in the palm of his hand.

Dreaming is having the power

to make a better future

and plan it well ahead of time.

Welcome to my world.

where dream and the dreamers

meet and enjoy a better life.

I always wonder when is my next trip

When I will be in dreamland?

Sweet Dreams and do not forget

to take the keys of reality

maybe you need to come back.

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Opinion Maker-where Truth is The News and readers are The Opinion Makers

Posted on July 12, 2010 by Marivel Guzman

Opinion MakerWhat does it takes to write the truth? Regular Ordinary Citizens now days are engaged in the writing process and the dissemination of the truth. Be my truth or your truth is up to the Opinion Makers.
In this complex society that we are living, a world ravaged by wars, disperse by religions, divided by ideas, segregated by colors, is amazing that we can reunite in a virtual world where we chat as old friends, a virtual coffee shop where we drink a picture in your wall, where your ideas are spread, judged, misjudged, argued, deleted and at the end of the day and after a long day of differences you still be friend of your worse enemy.
The opinion makers are you, your opinion is my worse nightmare, my opinion distasteful to your morning coffee. We all become opinion makers.
We write what we feel, what we know, what we want, what we search, what we discover and we enjoy this non pay job that we do with an almost addiction, with a religious everyday observance. We the Opinion Makers are obsessed with the truth, we can’t take the main stream news any more as news, but as propaganda. We the Opinion Makers has discovered the way to make our opinion count, even thought is just in the social networks, we feel the satisfaction of have done a great justice to truth, when we sit for hours writing, posting, commenting in every single wall of our countless friends. We have become the active Opinion Makers of the world, when before, the broadcasting networks saw us as a clients of their advertisements adds, now we become the Opinion Makers, and we are seen as important as the Adds.
How this become to be?, we the public blogger, the free writers, the video editors, the photographers, and publishers are just Opinion Makers. We do not generate one penny for the Social Network that we subscribe, but in the long run we will be the writers of History as never written before, we will write our story and History will be just his-story.
The Truth is the News and can not be cover by beautiful and crafty words. The Truth is destined to survive the most entertaining fictional story of the editor of Fox or CNN, these networks are struggling to keep us hooked to their lies.
CSPAN is ready to interview the hard to get personages on the Political Spectrum to attract us back, but years of mingling with the Truth, and years of Editing lies had set us networks apart.
What can I say about evening news, in every station around the globe, they all fighting for ratings. "Charly Bit my finger" or "Blooood" boy have more viewers in an afternoon than all the broadcasting news in the US and Canada together, let alone all the youtube, meta caffee and others channels that attract us to the every day Truths and Realities.
I tell you times are changing, we have become the Opinion Makers, The Video Editors, The Free Press: The New Press of the world. We the regular citizens can not be attracted any more for an add of Coca Cola, or a refreshing bath of Zeth.
There is no way that we can go back to be the passive spectators that for years, warmed the sofas in front to the TV’s. Now we are part of the making of the news, we are part of the story, we are making the story and the Opinion Makers of the Truth.

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