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The Mind Works In Mysterious Ways, Facebook works in another!

Created February 28, 2012 at 4:06pm


I m known for being Pro -Palestinians, Pro-Peace and Pro everything that people think is good for the majority of the world.

My posts are familiar in the international community of activists. I Share poetry, Palestinian News, and news that affect us all from around the world.

I use the internet as a tool, to search, research, and share what I discover, what I think is important to share, and also what I find interesting for all to know, of course all according to me.

I do not consider myself to be a writer, I m not journalist, and I did not attend the university to be a Professional Political writer or anything similar.

My studies are in the sciences, I m Register Nurse, Administrative Manager Medical Office graduate, Computer Programer, Internet Publisher, Web Site Designer, Civil Engineer(Non Graduated), Medical transcriptionists, Networking Specialist, as you see nothing to do with English and Literature so everything that I write is from a regular citizen that sees the world with analytical eyes, and I write about it. I love to research old documents, and antiques books and compile my own articles. You can call me a news recycler.

The internet is a magnificent way to distribute the events that occur in the world without editing the content or photoshopping the images, to share our ideas, and the ideas of others, but its also the best propaganda weapon, used by the elite and the governments, understanding by propaganda: Paid News that benefit the corporate world and the governments around the world that were imposed on their people. I want to share a little experiment with all my facebook friends.

I’m writing this note to leave evidence. We know that facebook is like a big family’s workplace, we know each other: by our posts, status and comments. In addition we are judged by our content in facebook. Our personality is liked or unliked by our taste on the postings, or the type of friends we are surrounded by.

Many friends in facebook do not post their real pictures, some, because their religion, or their culture, and some, because they enjoy the anonymous presence that this gives them in facebook.

I know of friends that are in love with the faces they see in facebook,  whose faces are models, actresses, singers or other not real characters they have created, where they live in a virtual fantasy life around these ‘faces’.

There are friends that ‘befriend’, because they can some how use you. Very common, if you are from the US, you will have many admires that want to have a romance with you, ‘ultimate goal’  ‘green card’, not all of them, but lots of them.

Some have even gone  far enough to create a profile of the opposite sex  pretending to be woman or man, and they had developed friendships,  that look real, but they are leaving in a fake reality. Some had done it for curiosity, others to infiltrate circles of friends that other wise would not be available to them.

Facebook is the perfect place to develop friendships and even to created more than friendships, some have fallen in love, and some have even got married with their facebook friends, others had woken up to a sad reality, where their “friends” were already married, too old or too young, or just trolls.

Facebook platform has been used to lure us into believing in ideas that are not ours, some ‘friends’ are using facebook to distribute their radical ideas, their agenda, their government agendas, ..but we do not know that..we are part of their network and we are believed to be part of that agenda, these friends are so careful to first become your ‘great’ friend, at the beggining she/he will be sharing with you only spiritual messages, or beautiful pictures, only after you become ‘their’ friend and feel that safely can share his/her material in your wall he do with the conscience that you will defend his/her ideas no matter what.

Some common occurrence in facebook is the gossip-like environment that is embraced for some, they follow the mounting evidence created out of gossip, comments made, pictures posted and web sites that have not been corroborated, web pages built only to “Prove Things”, I myself know people that create web sites only to confuse and to distribute the opposite idea of what is being said. Debunking.

In facebook we share happy faces, we give love, we make friends, but also we make heroes, we destroy characters, we destroy people lives with the easiness of a few strokes of the keyboard and we make free enemies, and great friends as well.

Some ‘friends’ become so close to us that they communicate with us outside of facebook, they really become closed friends in facebook they share their personal pictures, news and others things, but they do not show us at the beginning their political affiliations, or their ultimate goal, they dragged ‘us’ to their facebook environment, and others judge us for that friendship.

Your friend’s political ideas are stamped on you, because you are friend with that person.

Some even get to develop friendship jealously and some have tried to imposed their will on some of us, very common to spread the if “you are his/her friend can’t be in his/her list”…
Very often your friends want to put you in between the wall and the sword, telling things like this:

Every pro Palestine supporter should immediately take her off their friends list,by being friends with her they are directly supporting her.


Delete him/her, Otherwise, you are giving her tacit support.

That is absolutely not true, we can share opinions and agree in some topics and disagree in others. I have the experience. I have been bashed, insulted, and slandered for the people that insist on being the only right about topics.  People,that sees the world black and white, like Bush, “if you are not with me, you are against me,” cheap rhetoric, but powerful enough to make you lose friendships over ideas.

I completely disregard their claims, and I keep as my friends who I want, and delete who I don’t. I do not care, if we differ in opinions, it is natural to be different.

Facebook is our reunion room, after dinner-coffee-table. We come here to share, comment, learn, teach, to gossip, to create division, some have change their ideology and religion over facebook and become activists themselves. I have witnessed the transition of dozen friends.

I m very happy for that, I have tried myself to nurture some minds, and I have become their friends trying to help them to become humans again, that is the case of dozen of friends of mine that are for choice or no choice soldiers in armies, some success stories other not, but something for sure they did not make me believe in their ideas, even if their reasons are valid.

Any way that is the idea, that’s how I see facebook, and from now on February 28, 2012 I will paint another face of myself, and I hope that I m wrong, but I m almost sure that I will lose my dear friends over facebook experiment New Face. I m also with this experiment to test my friendship with my brothers and sisters that have bonded with me..if real friendship exist will prevail.


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Playing with Geometry! The 12 Tribes of Israel?

Posted on August 13, 2011 by Marivel Guzman

What Geometry has to do with the Tribes of Israel?

Tribe * Population (Pt) Angle θ Sin θ
Ruben ——————46,500 —————-27 ° .73589595 ‘———–.4654
Simon ——————59,300 —————-35 ° .37072322 ‘———–.5789
Gad ——————45,650 —————-27 ° .22889570 ‘———–.5676
Judah ——————74,600 —————-44 ° .49672769 ‘———–.7333
Issacar—————–54,400 —————-32 ° .44801591 ‘———–.5364
Zebulum—————–57,400 —————-34 ° .23742855 ‘———–.5626
Ephraim—————–40,500 —————-24 ° .15707067 ‘———–.4093
Manasseh—————-32,200 —————-19 ° .20636236 ‘———–.3290
Benjamin—————-35,400 —————-21 ° .11506917 ‘———–.3603
Dan ——————–62,700 —————-37 ° .39872422’———–.6074
Asher——————-41,500 —————-27 ° .75354155 ‘———–.4187
Naphali— ————-53,500 —————-31 ° .85154503 ‘———–.5277
———————–603,350 —————360 ° ———–Cos θ

Well the Earth has 360 equal pies or degrees, our trigonometry system in our Mathematical Sciences is based on pi/π
How we get to that number for people that love to play with math let me tell you the formula for this discovery.
According to the Christian Bible in the old testament it is mention the 12 tribes of David, well this has nothing to do with divinity or Religion at all most like it the numbers were inserted to created a legitimacy to those tribes, every one of those numbers/degrees correspond to a spot on Earth, open your Google Map and type any of those coordinates and that supposedly will tell you the location of that tribe.

The Original Formula

360 ° = θ

θ = Pt.360 °/TP
Pt=Population/Tribe Total

The Coordinates for the Tribe of Simon will be
θ =59,300 . 360 °/593,650 = 29 ° 90 ‘

If you like to keep playing with Math and want to find your rightful spot on earth

This remind me of two things, The Georgia Guidestones and the Paledian Manifest, both of them call for an Earth Population of about 500,000 any relation? Just coincidence or Made Up Numbers in History to legitimize “Israel”.
Off course all this are just my ideas I do not believe in Population control as Richard Nixon wanted to do to Earth and forcing the world to a force population control.

What’s on the Georgia Guidestones?

The Georgia Guidestones, located in Elbert County, Georgia. Inscribed in 8 modern languages

Think of the Georgia Guidestones as sort of a giant Ten Commandments. Ten rules or guides are displayed on the four outer tablets, written in eight different languages. Each of these slabs displays a different language on each side. The eight languages represented are English, Arabic, Spanish, Chinese, Swahili, Russian, Hebrew, and Hindi. Below are the ten “suggestions” posted on the tablets:

1- Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
2- Guide reproduction wisely – improving fitness and diversity.
3- Unite humanity with a living new language.
4- Rule passion – faith – tradition – and all things with tempered reason.
5- Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
6- Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
7- Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
8- Balance personal rights with social duties.
9- Prize truth – beauty – love – seeking harmony with the infinite.
10-Be not a cancer on the earth – Leave room for nature – Leave room for nature.

I will love to analyses every point but I let you to judge and decide what is behind this “Mysterious” Tablets. Specially the No 6…United Nations come to mind, Globalist Agenda….

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Desiderata by Billy Mier

Posted by Marivel Guzman form Billy Meier Writings

"Billy" Eduard Albert Meier was born in Bülach, Switzerland on February 3, 1937. For over 67 years, he has maintained a series of physical and telepathic contacts with extraterrestrial beings who claim they come from the Plejares star system.

Although this document bears the same name as the well-known DESIDERATA by Max Ehrmann (1872-1945), Billy’s DESIDERATA contains a completely new and expanded text, which is not identical with the old work.

Dear reader,

In today’s times, which are rife with emotion and yet emotionally cold, we offer you these unique passages (Desiderata = desirable and vital items) of beautiful and poignant words by “Billy” Eduard Albert Meier, and wish you all that is expressed herein.

Included with our sincere wishes is a request that you photocopy these words of Billy as often as possible and as you deem appropriate. Please mail the text to your family members, relatives, friends, colleagues, acquaintances ­ simply to everyone whose address you may have.

If you are fluent in French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Japanese or any other language, and are interested in translating do so, these words offer great lessons for life. All the writings of Billy are freely available for humanity. Be part of the change we need to be and see. Thanks
***********S H A R E ***************S H A R E

Pay heed to freedom, for it is the privilege
and prerogative of every human being and all other life forms.
Pay heed to love, for it is the essence of Creation,
of human beings and of life.
Pay heed to peace, for it is the assurance
of all positive development and unrestricted evolution.
Pay heed to harmony, for therein lies the
equilibrium of every thought, feeling, deed
and everything else.

Do not allow yourself to be rushed by the din, burdens
or bustle of daily living, but remain always composed
under every circumstance life presents.
Seek tranquility, peace, love and freedom –
each is a valuable element of harmony.

Allot some time every day to finding tranquility,
for it affords you respite and time to contemplate.

Practice getting along well with everyone
but do not lose yourself in the process
and always remain within the limits of your ability.

Always respect your fellowmen as fellow human beings,
although they may have dispositions that differ from yours;
indeed, even the worst among them is a creation of Creation,
hence, everyone is just like you – a human being.

State your truths freely, clearly, calmly and candidly,
for only in this manner is an authentic picture created
which defines the true nature of everything.

Allow other people to freely express their opinions,
for they are allotted the same rights as you.
Listen to others, to the bright and intellectual individuals,
and also to the obtuse, the foolish and those who lack learning,
for they, too, have opinions and statements to offer.

But distance yourself from aggressive, boisterous and
obstinate individuals so as not to become embroiled
in their pointless disputes,
for such people insult one’s consciousness,
humaneness and refinement;
and yet, at the same time, forget not
that they too are beings of Creation, whom you,
as a fellow human being, must show appropriate respect,
even though you may find their thoughts,
feelings, deeds and actions unacceptable.

Should you draw comparisons between yourself and others,
you will inevitably realize that others
are either stronger or weaker than you in certain matters;
this, however, is no justification for you to feel
superior or inferior to them.

Therefore, neither vain nor arrogant become,
neither bitter nor ashamed, for there will always be
someone who is more eminent or less advanced than you
in learning, morality, character and the like.

Refrain not from enjoying achievements you have gained
through your own honest efforts.

Delight in these accomplishments as much as you do
in setting positive objectives
and bringing them to successful completions.

Always be mindful of continuing your development
in every possible matter, including both your personal
and consciousness-related evolutions.

Therefore be perpetually and humbly attentive
to your personal progress, but only in a righteous manner,
because integrity is the only, truly positive possession
you have as a human being in these changing times.

Approach your work and your business with forethought
and circumspection, for good work is worthy
of proper compensation;
circumspection, forethought and honesty
offer sound long-term rewards in business,
even in a world of guile.

When you achieve positive, remarkable successes
keep from becoming blinded and deafened by them and
proceed toward those things of virtuous substance.

Be attentive also to the means and ways
of the people with whom you deal;
though many strive for lofty ideals,
few reach their goals.

Life appears filled with heroism wherever you gaze,
but when you glance behind the scenes
you find only fear enveloped in a haze
and someone’s craving for pretending
to be greater than he or she really is.

Hence, heed not these matters to the degree where
you wish to imitate them; instead, recognize your true self.
Positively realize yourself within your own Self.

And allow these traits to permeate your entire nature.
Do not feign affection for someone if, in reality,
you fail to hold such feelings for the person.

Make no pretense to your fellowmen that bears no truth,
for honesty is a directive which, together with knowledge,
is undeniably the path to wisdom.

Never be cynical about sincere love,
for love provides you with the certainty of coexisting
within everything there is, in both the spiritual
and the physical realms.

And love is the true essence of Creation;
it will endure for ur-eternity and all Great Times
beyond every conceivable hardship and disappointment.

Love is the actual cornerstone and the true incentive of life
where the aspirations form to reach higher, indeed,
to the very highest levels possible.

Love will never die, it will survive eternally
as it pulsates in the everlasting rhythm of
Creational harmony.

Forfeit every negative trait in your life with dignity and,
through self-knowledge, leave yourself open to
counsel for self-realization.

Cheerfully accept what your positive knowledge
and balanced wisdom counsel you to do, and
gain control over your thoughts, feelings, indeed,
your entire consciousness, for in so doing you strengthen yourself
for unavoidable predicaments, and you will never lose heart
even when faced with unexpected misfortune.

Always practice loyalty and integrity,
and never make yourself unhappy over unrighteous things
or those you merely imagine.

Free yourself from alarm and fear,
which oftentimes originate from loneliness,
mental exhaustion and idleness.

Loneliness, mental exhaustion and idleness
are enemies of progress.
Seek, therefore, the company of those
who are knowledgeable and wise,
for they will teach you how to stimulate
and utilize your thoughts,
and how to actively evolve.

Always practice healthy self-discipline
while being kind to yourself at all times,
for you are an individual, an independent person,
who requires not only the pleasant kindness of others
but also the consideration you provide yourself.

You are a creation of Creation, the universe,
and in no way are you any less than your fellowman,
the trees, plants, all animal species or the celestial bodies
in the infinite vastness of universal space.

You have the right to be alive and to exist on this Earth,
regardless of who and what you may be,
and it matters not if you comprehend
the unfolding of the universe in the way Creation,
the Universal Consciousness, intends it.

Nothing unfolds without Creation’s love,
and it will not do so unless it is within the framework
of the Creation-given laws and directives.

Accept, then, that you only exist because this is how it was
intended to be and because it is predetermined for you
through the ur-eternally everlasting, Creational plan.

Live, therefore, in freedom, love, peace and harmony
among similar-minded individuals and
with all of Creation’s creatures.


— written by Max Ehrmann in the 1920s —
Not “Found in Old St. Paul’s Church”! — see below

Go placidly amid the noise and the haste,
and remember what peace there may be in silence.

As far as possible, without surrender,
be on good terms with all persons.
Speak your truth quietly and clearly;
and listen to others,
even to the dull and the ignorant;
they too have their story.
Avoid loud and aggressive persons;
they are vexatious to the spirit.

If you compare yourself with others,
you may become vain or bitter,
for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.
Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans.
Keep interested in your own career, however humble;
it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.

Exercise caution in your business affairs,
for the world is full of trickery.
But let this not blind you to what virtue there is;
many persons strive for high ideals,
and everywhere life is full of heroism.
Be yourself. Especially do not feign affection.
Neither be cynical about love,
for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment,
it is as perennial as the grass.

Take kindly the counsel of the years,
gracefully surrendering the things of youth.
Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune.
But do not distress yourself with dark imaginings.
Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness.

Beyond a wholesome discipline,
be gentle with yourself.
You are a child of the universe
no less than the trees and the stars;
you have a right to be here.
And whether or not it is clear to you,
no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.

Therefore be at peace with God,
whatever you conceive Him to be.
And whatever your labors and aspirations,
in the noisy confusion of life,
keep peace in your soul.

With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams,
it is still a beautiful world.
Be cheerful. Strive to be happy.

Who are The Extraterrestral Beings?

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حكمة مذكرات مغترب “بَسْ دقيقة”

Posted by Marivel GuzmanOmar KaremMay 11, 2011 AKASHMA NEWS- GAZA CITY

كنت أقف في دوري على شباك التذاكرلأشتري بطاقة سفر في الحافلة إلى مدينة تبعد حوالي 330 كم، وكانت أمامي سيدة ستينية قد وصلت إلى شباك التذاكر وطال حديثها مع الموظفة التي قالتلها في النهاية: الناس ينتظرون، أرجوكِ تنحّي جانباً. فابتعدت المرأةخطوة واحدة لتفسح لي المجال، وقبل أن أشتري بطاقتي سألت الموظفة عن المشكلة، فقالت لي بأن هذه المرأة معها ثمن بطاقة السفر وليس معها يورو واحد قيمة بطاقة دخول المحطة، وتريد أن تنتظر الحافلة خارج المحطة وهذاممنوع. قلتُ لها: هذا يورو وأعطها البطاقة. وتراجعتُ قليلاً وأعطيتُ السيدة مجالاً لتعود إلى دورها بعد أن نادتها الموظفةمجدداً.



اشترت السيدة بطاقتها ووقفت جانباًوكأنها تنتظرني، فتوقعت أنها تريد أن تشكرني، إلا أنها لم تفعل، بلانتظرتْ لتطمئن إلى أنني اشتريت بطاقتي وسأتوجه إلى ساحة الانطلاق، فقالت لي بصيغة الأمر: احمل هذه… وأشارت إلى حقيبتها.

كان الأمر غريباً جداً بالنسبة لهؤلاءالناس الذين يتعاملون بلباقة ليس لها مثيل. بدون تفكير حملت لها حقيبتهاواتجهنا سوية إلى الحافلة، ومن الطبيعي أن يكون مقعدي بجانبها لأنها كانت قبلي تماماً في الدور.

حاولت أن أجلس من جهة النافذة لأستمتع بمنظر تساقط الثلج الذي بدأ منذ ساعة وأقسم بأن يمحو جميع ألوان الطبيعةمعلناً بصمته الشديد: أنا الذي آتي لكم بالخير وأنا من يحق له السيادةالآن! لكن السيدة منعتني و جلستْ هي من جهة النافذة دون أن تنطق بحرف،فرحتُ أنظر أمامي ولا أعيرها اهتماماً، إلى أن التفتتْ إلي تنظر في وجهي وتحدق فيه، وطالت التفاتتها دون أن تنطق ببنت شفة وأنا أنظر أمامي، حتى إنني بدأت أتضايق من نظراتها التي لا أراها لكنني أشعر بها، فالتفتُ إليها.

عندها تبسمتْ قائلة: كنت أختبر مدى صبرك وتحملك.
– صبري على ماذا؟

– على قلة ذوقي. أعرفُ تماماً بماذا كنتَ تفكر.

– لا أظنك تعرفين، وليس مهماً أن تعرفي.

– حسناً، سأقول لك لاحقاً، لكن بالي مشغول كيف سأرد لك الدين.

– الأمر لا يستحق، لا تشغلي بالك.

– عندي حاجة سأبيعها الآن وسأرد لك اليورو، فهل تشتريها أم أعرضها على غيرك؟

– هل تريدين أن أشتريها قبل أن أعرف ماهي؟

– إنها حكمة. أعطني يورو واحداً لأعطيك الحكمة.

– وهل ستعيدين لي اليورو إن لم تعجبني الحكمة؟

– لا، فالكلام بعد أن تسمعه لا أستطيع استرجاعه، ثم إن اليورو الواحد يلزمني لأنني أريد أن أرد به دَيني.

أخرجتُ اليورو من جيبي ووضعته في يديها وأنا أنظر إلى تضاريس وجهها. لا زالت عيناها جميلتين تلمعان كبريق عيني شابة في مقتبل العمر، وأنفها الدقيق مع عينيها يخبرون عن ذكاء ثعلبي. مظهرها يدل على أنها سيدة متعلمة، لكنني لن أسألها عن شيء، أنا على يقين أنها ستحدثني عن نفسها فرحلتنا لا زالت في بدايتها.

أغلقت أصابعها على هذه القطعة النقديةالتي فرحت بها كما يفرح الأطفال عندما نعطيهم بعض النقود وقالت: أنا الآن متقاعدة، كنت أعمل مدرّسة لمادة الفلسفة، جئت من مدينتي لأرافق إحدى صديقاتي إلى المطار. أنفقتُ كل ما كان معي وتركتُ ما يكفي لأعود إلى بيتي، إلا أن سائق التاكسي أحرجني وأخذ مني يورو واحد زيادة، فقلت في نفسي سأنتظر الحافلة خارج المحطة، ولم أكن أدري أنه ممنوع. أحببتُ أن أشكرك بطريقة أخرى بعدما رأيت شهامتك، حيث دفعت عني دون أن أطلب منك. الموضوع ليس مادياً. ستقول لي بأن المبلغ بسيط، سأقول لك أنت سارعت بفعل الخير ودونما تفكير.

قاطعتُ المرأة مبتسماً: أتوقع بأنك ستحكي لي قصة حياتك، لكن أين البضاعة التي اشتريتُها منكِ؟ أين الحكمة؟

– “بَسْ دقيقة”.
– سأنتظردقيقة.
– لا، لا، لا تنتظر. “بَسْ دقيقة”… هذه هي الحكمة.
– ما فهمت شيئاً.
– لعلك تعتقد أنك تعرضتَ لعمليةاحتيال؟

– ربما.

– سأشرح لك: “بس دقيقة”، لا تنسَ هذه الكلمة. في كل أمر تريد أن تتخذ فيه قراراً، عندما تفكر به وعندما تصل إلى لحظة اتخاذ القرار أعطِ نفسك دقيقة إضافية، ستين ثانية. هل تعلم كم من المعلومات يستطيع دماغك أن يعالج خلال ستين ثانية؟ في هذه الدقيقةالتي ستمنحها لنفسك قبل إصدار قرارك قد تتغير أمور كثيرة، ولكن بشرط.

– وما هوالشرط؟

– أن تتجرد عن نفسك، وتُفرغ في دماغك وفي قلبك جميع القيم الإنسانية والمثل الأخلاقية دفعة واحدة، وتعالجها معالجة موضوعية ودون تحيز،
فمثلاً: إن كنت قد قررت بأنك صاحب حق وأن الآخر قد ظلمك فخلال هذه الدقيقة
وعندما تتجرد عن نفسك ربما تكتشف بأن الطرف الآخر لديه حق أيضاً، أو جزء منه،
وعندها قد تغير قرارك تجاهه.
إن كنت نويت أن تعاقب شخصاً ما فإنك خلال هذه الدقيقة بإمكانك أن تجد له عذراً فتخفف عنه العقوبة أو تمتنع عن معاقبته وتسامحه نهائياً.
دقيقةواحدة بإمكانها أن تجعلك تعدل عن اتخاذ خطوة مصيرية في حياتك لطالمااعتقدت أنها هي الخطوة السليمة، في حين أنها قد تكون كارثية.
دقيقة واحدةربما تجعلك أكثر تمسكاً بإنسانيتك وأكثر بعداً عن هواك.
دقيقة واحدة قدتغير مجرى حياتك وحياة غيرك، وإن كنت من المسؤولين فإنها قد تغير مجرى حياة قوم بأكملهم…
هل تعلم أن كل ما شرحته لك عن الدقيقة الواحدة لم يستغرق أكثر من دقيقة واحدة؟

– صحيح، وأنا قبلتُ برحابة صدر هذه الصفقة وحلال عليكِ اليورو.

– تفضل، أنا الآن أردُّ لك الدين وأعيدلك ما دفعته عني عند شباك التذاكر. والآن أشكرك كل الشكر على ما فعلته لأجلي.

أعطتني اليورو. تبسمتُ في وجههاواستغرقت ابتسامتي أكثر من دقيقة، لأنتبه إلى نفسي وهي تأخذ رأسي بيدهاوتقبل جبيني قائلة: هل تعلم أنه كان بالإمكان أن أنتظر ساعات دون حل لمشكلتي، فالآخرون لم يكونوا ليدروا ما هي مشكلتي، وأنا ما كنتُ لأستطيع أن أطلب واحد يورو من أحد.

– حسناً، وماذا ستبيعيني لو أعطيتك مئةيورو؟
– سأعتبره مهراً وسأقبل بك زوجاً.

علتْ ضحكتُنا في الحافلة وأنا أُمثـِّلُ بأنني أريد النهوض ومغادرة مقعدي وهي تمسك بيدي قائلة: اجلس، فزوجي متمسك بي وليس له مزاج أن يموت قريباً!

وأنا أقول لها: “بس دقيقة”، “بس دقيقة”…

لم أتوقع بأن الزمن سيمضي بسرعة. كانت هذه الرحلة من أكثر رحلاتي سعادة، حتى إنني شعرت بنوع من الحزن عندماغادرتْ الحافلة عندما وصلنا إلى مدينتها في منتصف الطريق تقريباً.

قبل ربع ساعة من وصولها حاولتْ أن تتصل من جوالها بابنها كي يأتي إلى المحطة ليأخذها، ثم التفتتْ إليّ قائلة: على ما يبدو أنه ليس عندي رصيد. فأعطيتها جوالي لتتصل. المفاجأة أنني بعدمغادرتها للحافلة بربع ساعة تقريباً استلمتُ رسالتين على الجوال، الأولى تفيد بأن هناك من دفع لي رصيداً بمبلغ يزيد عن 10 يورو، والثانية منهاتقول فيها: كان عندي رصيد في هاتفي لكنني احتلتُ عليك لأعرف رقم هاتفك فأجزيكَ على حسن فعلتك. إن شئت احتفظ برقمي، وإن زرت مدينتي فاعلم بأن لك فيها أمّاً ستستقبلك. فرددتُ عليها برسالة قلت فيها: عندما نظرتُ إلى عينيك خطر ببالي أنها عيون ثعلبية لكنني لم أتجرأ أن أقولها لك، أتمنى أن تجمعنا الأيام ثانية، أشكركِ على الحكمة واعلمي بأنني سأبيعها بمبلغ أكبربكثير.

“بس دقيقة”…
حكمة أعرضها للبيع، فمن يشتريها مني في زمن نهدر فيه الكثير الكثير من الساعات دون فائدة؟
مما لفت انتباهي

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Don’t distort our speech!

Posted On January 05, 2011 by Marivel Guzman
Original Posted by Abu Yazan

Many activists reject our movement and consider us as some Zionist machinery because in the manifesto, we’ve been denouncing Hamas – among others. It’s always amazing to see the shortcuts people’s minds can take and how good they are at condemning without even trying to understand. We’d like to remind all our goal: yes we are frustrated and tired of being oppressed, killed, humiliated and kept from even leaving to study in other countries, yes we denounce political parties governing us because they didn’t help in anything, but we denounce ALL of them, not ONLY Hamas. We are TIRED of the status quo, from all sides. Political parties have all had the time and chances to BRING THE CHANGE, but we haven’t seen anything yet.

We’re NOT calling for a political coup, let’s be clear on this. We’re young people who want to work for the PEOPLE, we denounce the misery we live in, we denounce their division, and reject their fight, because they are not helping us. But more than Fatah and Hamas, who remains Palestinians just like us, ABOVE ALL we denounce the Occupier & its puppet the International Community who fails, day after day, in its duty to impose sanctions on “Israel”.

Our followers, readers, and those who are not supporting us yet must keep in mind THIS message: we have ONE enemy which is the Zionist Occupier. Hopefully this call will shake our political leaders, wake them up and remind them that they are responsible of us! Hopefully they will realize that what we want is UNITY, and NO MORE DIVISION, because it makes Israeli terrorism’s impact on our lives even worse.

Our call is a call for SOLIDARITY, a call for PEACEFUL ACTION; we are holding out our hands & waiting for you to complete the bond. Make sure this is read, help us work for a better solution, HELP US MAKE IT!

And Please note this, the Gaza Youth Breaks Out Team have been banned from posting anything on the Facebook page; we want you to go there and flood the page with your love to Palestine so those who misinterpreted our message can leave us.

Love and respect from Gaza,

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Indeed I m in LOVE!

Posted by Marivel Guzman
Indeed I m in Love!.

Indeed I m in Love

How fortunate got to be the owner of my dreams,
How fortunate got to be the dreamers that share my dreams,
How fortunate got to be the minds that expand,
The MINDS that create better REALITIES!
The Ones that are ILLUMINATED and WALK the path
of the light worker, the ONE that sees, hears, feels, senses and transcends without looking back,
Indeed I m in LOVE, and I tell you WHY:
Because my dreams are extensive and eccentric, out of the norm,
Because my dreams are explosive and comprise the whole world,
My ideal of love is more than just an isolated sentiment reciprocated.
My love is a great energy that moves with me, and within the world that I want to live IN.
I m in love with LOVE!, because gives me the reason to live,
I m in love with my inner self, because is my energy vortex that exalts me to a higher self,
I m in love with the world that I m defending, because I only have ONE.
I m in love with nature, that I want to preserve, for my children and your children, and the Future Generations,
I m in love with PEACE!, because I want it for everyone on earth, because is a God’s given gift.
I m in love with Mother Earth because she is the Mother of life and green, and she worths the fight,
I m in love with the PEN, because let me express my most intimates feelings,
I m in love with the RED of my HEART, because, RED gives me the passion, and the courage
to tell you how I m feeling inside,
I m in love with POETRY, because is the expression of your MIND and your HEART thinking as ONE,
I m in love with the WORD! because spreads the simpler TRUTH,
I m in love with Palestine the symbol of human struggles, and is my children Land.
I m in love with Gaza because she is a prisoner inside a prison, and I want her to be free,
I m in love with you the resistance fighter, that love his land more than himself, because he will gives his blood to sink on the land to feed it and not let it die,
I m in love with anyone that stands for justice, because he will stop at NOTHING! and will raise his voice, and will fight for you, without blinking an eye,
I m in love with the innocent mind because is pure, and can not be in chains of any kind.
I m in love with my Dreams, because they guide me and they lead me to be better all the time,
I m in love with the eternal dreamer of the spotless mind, because he will always will be striving for better reality than the ONE is offered with strings and pulling all the TIME!.
I m in Love with you LOVE!, because Love will never fights back, and LOVE never DIES.
I m in love with the conscientiousness that is moving and changing the Note of Love to a Universal Feeling that envelopes us ALL, and make us EVOLVE to other dimensions NEVER Sense before.
I m in love with YOU! and I send you my frequency of Love, to be tune up to a higher vibration, to reach the altitudes of the purest state of the mind,

Do you Love ME? Do you love your WORLD?

Can you share my Dreams?

Can you fight absurdity with me?

Can you put aside HATE AND GREED, and move toward The World I want to see and BE?

Can you Choose Between WAR and PEACE! and do it with the understanding that WAR is not OPPOSITE of PEACE?

I want you to see through my eyes, and feel with my heart,

And I want you to feel my compassion, I want you crying with rage, when you see pain inflicted in another human being. When you see trees being cut, when you see, SEEDS genetically MODIFIED.

I want you to YELL MAD, when you see Planes spreading Chemtrails that is not other thing but POISON,

Chemtrails that kills your WATER, and make HELL OUT OF A HURRICANE,


Now you know Why I m in LOVE?


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Posted by On December 29, 2010 by Marivel Guzman
Original posted by Abu Yazan

F**k Hamas!, F**k Israel!, F**k Fatah!, F**k UN. F**k UNWRA. F**k USA!
We, the youth in Gaza, are so fed up with Israel, Hamas, the occupation, the violations of human rights and the indifference of the international community!

We want to scream and break this wall of silence, injustice and indifference. Like the Israeli F16’s breaking the wall of sound; we want to scream with all the power in our souls in order to release this immense frustration that consumes us because of this f*****g situation we live in.

We are like lice between two nails living a nightmare inside a nightmare, no room for hope, no space for freedom.

We are sick of being caught in this political struggle, sick of coal dark nights with airplanes circling above our homes, sick of innocent farmers getting shot in the buffer zone because they are taking care of their lands, sick of bearded guys walking around with their guns abusing their power, beating up or incarcerating young people demonstrating for what they believe in.

Sick of the wall of shame that separates us from the rest of our country and keeps us imprisoned in a stamp-sized piece of land.

Sick of being portrayed as terrorists, homemade fanatics with explosives in our pockets and evil in our eyes.

Sick of the indifference we meet from the international community, the so-called experts in expressing concerns and drafting resolutions, but cowards in enforcing anything they agreed on.

We are sick and tired of living a shitty life, being kept in jail by Israel, beaten up by Hamas, and completely ignored by the rest of the world.

There is a revolution growing inside of us, an immense dissatisfaction and frustration that will destroy us unless we find a way of canalizing this energy into something that can challenge the status Quo and give us some kind of hope.

The final drop that made our hearts tremble with frustration and hopelessness happened on November 30th, when Hamas’ officers came to Sharek Youth Forum, a leading youth organization ( with their guns, lies and aggressiveness, throwing everybody outside, incarcerating some and prohibiting Sharek from working.

A few days later, demonstrators in front of Sharek were beaten and some incarcerated. We are really living a nightmare inside a nightmare. It is difficult to find words for the pressure we are under.

We barely survived the Operation Cast Lead, where Israel very effectively bombed the shit out of us, destroying thousands of homes and even more lives and dreams.

They did not get rid of Hamas, as they intended, but they sure scared us forever and distributed post traumatic stress syndrome to everybody, as there was nowhere to run.

We are youth with heavy hearts. We carry in ourselves a heaviness so immense that it makes it difficult to us to enjoy the sunset. How to enjoy it when dark clouds paint the horizon and bleak memories run past our eyes every time we close them?
We smile in order to hide the pain. We laugh in order to forget the war.
We hope in order not to commit suicide here and now.
During the war we got the unmistakable feeling that Israel wanted to erase us from the face of the earth. During the last years Hamas has been doing all they can to control our thoughts, behavior and aspirations.

We are a generation of young people used to face missiles, carrying what seems to be a impossible mission of living a normal and healthy life, and only barely tolerated by a massive organization that has spread in our society as a malicious cancer disease, causing mayhem and effectively killing all living cells, thoughts and dreams on its way as well as paralyzing people with its terror regime. Not to mention the prison we live in, a prison sustained by a so-called democratic country.

History is repeating itself in its most cruel way and nobody seems to care. We are scared.

Here in Gaza we are scared of being incarcerated, interrogated, hit, tortured, bombed, killed.
We are afraid of living, because every single step we take has to be considered and well-thought, there are limitations everywhere, we cannot move as we want, say what we want, do what we want, sometimes we even cant think what we want because the occupation has occupied our brains and hearts so terrible that it hurts and it makes us want to shed endless tears of frustration and rage!

We do not want to hate, we do not want to feel all of this feelings, we do not want to be victims anymore. ENOUGH! Enough pain, enough tears, enough suffering, enough control, limitations, unjust justifications, terror, torture, excuses, bombings, sleepless nights, dead civilians, black memories, bleak future, heart aching present, disturbed politics, fanatic politicians, religious bullshit, enough incarceration!

WE SAY STOP! This is not the future we want!

We want three things; We want to be free. We want to be able to live a normal life and We want peace.

Is that too much to ask?

We are a peace movement consistent of young people in Gaza and supporters elsewhere that will not rest until the truth about Gaza is known by everybody in this whole world and in such a degree that no more silent consent or loud indifference will be accepted.

This is the Gazan youth’s manifesto for change!

We will start by destroying the occupation that surrounds ourselves, we will break free from this mental incarceration and regain our dignity and self respect.

We will carry our heads high even though we will face resistance. We will work day and night in order to change these miserable conditions we are living under.
We will build dreams where we meet walls.

We only hope that you – yes, you reading this statement right now! – can support us. In order to find out how, please write on our wall or contact us directly:

We want to be free, we want to live, we want peace.



I m speechless this is what I want to hear.
Out with all the rules that bound you in your own mental prisons.
Liberation yes, I m 110 % agree with your Manifesto, free, freedom and liberation.

This Manifesto is for the whole apparatus of repression that engulf Gaza, Starting with Israel the Occupier,US the financier,UN the official Solicitor and Signatory of Wars,UNRWA the front of the UN that keeps Gaza under an inhumane welfare system,to Fatah that have forgotten that Gaza is Palestine, and to Hamas ultimately because keeps an invisible gag on the population under the guise of religion righteousness.

If There got to be Freedom in any society, Justice must be the base of the same. Human Rights is an inalienable right of every human being, being Gaza, US, Germany, Lebanon, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba(should not exist),Cuba, China, Iran, Mexico, Congo, Russia..or any place on Earth that humans co-habit under any authority of any type.

The right to disagree, the right to have a different opinion, or different feelings is a right that we all humans have a primordial born right, it calls dissent from the Status Quo, governments of the world dissenters are not criminals, they are free minders that choose their own path, and oppression only make them more aware of the situation that you want to force them to be.

This right is inalienable is part of the human rights that we all must enjoy as a citizen of this Earth.

I m speechless this is what I want to hear. Out with all the rules that bound you in your own mental prisons. Liberation yes, I m 110 % agree with your Manifesto, free, freedom and liberation.

I m sharing your courage. I m sharing your dreams, your hopes, your pains, your deaths, your ideals, your free and open mind.

I wanted to hear the youth speaking, I do no k,ow if will make a difference now, but certainly your message will spread in the world, in the mind of the old and tired souls, tired of their struggles.

It will infuse energy to the resistance, to the old and decrepit bodies that have fought for more than 6 decades without seeing compassion from the world, that have not received justice from the international bodies than have appointed themselves as the saviors of the world, to the peace activists, the justice seekers that are fighting for your land.

I was almost giving up my fight for Gaza, I was getting stiff and tired of yelling, writing, posting, complaining. I thought no one was listening, but I was wrong.

This Manifesto full or courage. rage dissatisfaction and pain have given me hopes again.
I m awake again, your words have giving me the food for the soul that I was missing.
I love you Gaza, I m proud of you, I m with you, in your fight against indifference, against the oppression of your mind, in this fight for your land, for your human rights, for your motherless children, and your childless mothers, I m with you with your olive trees that with one last stand they resist to let go and still embracing the land, I m with you, with your flag, that not being mine, have awaken the fighter on me once more.

I m sharing this word in every wall, available, in the blogs. my channels, everywhere that there is space.
Thanks Gaza youth I love you all…Free Palestine.

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Shadi Nassar:The Dreams of the youth of Gaza

By Marivel Guzman
Article Featured on Opinion Maker

Student of the Month

Before his profile was deleted from Facebook, he was another resident of the besieged Gaza Strip, with dreams to travel the world, and like any other young person with university degree with plans for his future.

He worked arduously for 2 years fighting the injustice of an oppressive regimen that sees the 1.5 millions residents of Gaza as enemies of war, but in reality they are regular, ordinary citizens like you and me.

Gaza is been under an inhumane siege for more than 3 years, Israel have destroyed their schools, public buildings, and thousands of homes.

The Occupations Forces had murdered thousands of unarmed civilians, dozens of non-violent protesters. Just in her last incursion what Israel equivocally called war, she killed more than 1400 civilians, including more than 400 children.

The world have been trying to help Gaza to brake the siege, and have organized land convoys and Sea Voyages, the whole world was in outrage during the piracy act of Israel that in International waters, assaulted and killed 9 peace activists, that only “crime” was to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza, and with this, brake the siege, that the UN with it silence has stamped with official indifference.

Live in Gaza is less than pleasurable, the youth has no other entertainment but few left enjoyments not robbed yet by Israel. The beach is meters safe only, before it become a target practice for the Israel Occupier Forces that shoot live ammunition to the beach goers and fishermen as well.

Facebook have offered the escape window to the world for residents of the besieged Gaza, I meet my dear friend Shadi Nassar almost a year ago, his story was appealing for me, he told me his dreams. The dreams of a young person, that wanted to go study abroad. Really for most of the developed world, this is just a step in their education, but not for the youth of Gaza.

They suffer the problematic of countless troubles, simple documents that in a regular free country will take few minutes, for Gaza students that want to travel out of Gaza, is an huge waste of time and energy, documents signing takes months to get. Even the Palestinians Authority as in complicity with Israel make the procedures eternal and sometimes impossible to achieve.

Shadi, lost already an opportunity last year during the Gaza Massacre, where life become unbearable for the residents. He was ready to leave, when the assault started and all his dreams were killed with “Operation lead”.

But you can’t kill the dreams as easy as you kill a Palestinian, his resolved proved stronger than Operation lead, and he continued with his efforts to work again for another opportunity until finally “HE MADE IT OUT OF GAZA”.

We can say, that he broke the Siege in its own merit. His case is one to tell, because not all the youth, have the opportunity to fulfill his dreams, I can tell you that if we offer our support to help them in the outside world more students can achieve their dreams.

Scholarships are hard to get for Palestinians in the occupied territories, advocate in Universities to offer support for Palestinians. There are thousands of foundations that offer grants and facilities for students, but not for Palestinians, if you are part of this foundations, work hand and hand with the administrators to offer more grants for this students, that need more than anybody in the world. There are few foundations that I have found in the internet:

USA: For Palestinians
Resident – 2011 – 2012 Fulbright Science and Technology Scholarship PhD Student Program, “They help you to apply for the Travel Visa
Plane ticket
Money to spend for 36 months,Telephone to call: Gaza Residents: Tel: 08-2864-623”
Scholarships PALESTINE Master International Business Palestinian students
Regional Scholarships

Palestinian Refugee Scheme

Support one student, you do not need to be rich, even hosting a student in your own home, or supporting their studies can make a wealth of different.

There are thousands of graduates from the University in Gaza, that need an opportunity to go study abroad, we are billions of compassionate being that can make a different for one Gaza student.

Lend your hand to them, show your humanity. Sponsor a student from Gaza.

My dear friend Made it out of Gaza, I wish I can write the story of hundreds of Shadis, this time he made the journey to freedom, he is free to decide if he needs the light on or off in his nights.

POWER OFF is no more an obstacle in his nights, Israel can’t manage his movements any longer, he is owner of his life for first time in his life, he decide if he wants a peaceful night, free from the memories of the aircraft bombing “invisible targets” in Gaza.

For first time he knows that his life is not IN VAIN, he has a purpose and a live to live.

Congratulations to Shadi Nassar, you broke the siege Dear.. But even in strange lands he took his home land in his heart, and he will keep fighting to free Palestine. Because the sons of the Land never forget their roots. The Beloved Land we know as Palestine is his most dear dream. To See her free of Occupation. Free once and for All.

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Occupation 101-Help End The Occupation

The world won’t be save until all people in the world take responsibility for the actions of their governments, and the Occupation in Palestine is pay by your tax dollars, by your indifferent in the conflict, by Christians fundamentalist coalitions that you belong to, by the blind faith in your religion on the “Chosen People”, by your ignorance in the Palestinian Plight, by your denying to see Truth. Inform yourself and be part of the growing global movement to stop the Occupation.

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The Last Hiccups Of The Falling Empire-Pakistan Warned; Noose Being Tightened

Posted on 28. Jul, 2010 by Raja Mujtaba in Pak-US Relations

Pakistan Warned; Noose Being Tightened

“There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that should an attack against the United States be traced to be Pakistani it would have a very devastating impact on our relationship” Hillary Clinton

By Raja G Mujtaba
Wiki leaks, Hillary threats, Mike Mullen’s parrot repeats, Holbrooke’s Viceroy authority all in one chorus sounds like a band show going on the in front of Metropolitan Museum of Art on Madison Avenue in full glare of the media spot lights, CNN, Fox News in the forefront.
Why this sudden change and surge of media statements, leaks, open threats in every conceivable way to threaten Pakistan as a reward for her all out support and participation in the so called ‘War on Terror.’ I knew it from day one, that American arrival in Afghanistan with complete involvement of NATO was basically a buildup against Pakistan. I had said it repeatedly in my articles and talks that I delivered at various forums. America wanted to be here to denuclearize, deislamise and delink Pakistan from China; a Zionist dream.
Hillary, am not surprised, behind the soft skin of your face I could always see a devil smiling. It had to, after all you have been awarded for your commitment to the Zionist cause. It’s well known that when you were contesting the senate election, Pakistani Americans had raised funds for you that you very conveniently returned after having been elected to the office saying that you would not be able to support the Muslim world against Israel. So you were committed, you lost the presidential race but the Zionists did not lose you; very promptly they brought you as Secretary of State so you could deliver.
Your last visit to Pakistan where you did some PR exercise, was a total farce, people were showering praises on you but I knew you were just charming them to betray them after they had reposed trust and faith in you. You could not have betrayed and hit back had they not fallen for your charms.
All the media slender that has unleashed after your opening salvo from the Pakistan soil is no less than a diplomatic terrorism; through your statements, you have tried to intimidate the people of Pakistan. You are proving a bigger terrorists, Osama is not even a shadow of yours if he was a terrorist. After your opening round the rest of the guns fired like at the Normandy landings, all well planned and rehearsed. There is no slip of even a coma or a full stop in their texts.
What is mind boggling that you as first lady of America could not spot Monica Lewinsky playing games with Bill Clinton right under your nose in the White House basement but you had a very sharp vision to locate Osama in the mountains of Pakistan where even mules can’t reach. Lady you must remember that it has been your state office and other agencies that have been releasing statements about Osama’s death. Now how all of a sudden you have brought to life the carcass that has been moth and worm eaten if any pieces were left after Daisy Cutters that must have blown him into dust or at best he could have been buried somewhere deep in the hills of Tora Bora. Bravo Lady Clinton bravo.
Before this final assault on Pakistan to cover your defeat in Afghanistan at the hands of ill equipped Taliban who have literally made you eat dust, you started a series of events to zero Pakistan with some profiling. Of such events, there is a long list that can be quoted but would just mention  a last few like Faisal Shahzad in Times Square, dispatching of five American youths to Sargodha in Pakistan where the biggest air base is located, raising a false flag in Chili where again a Pakistani was involved for his clothes smelled. The Chili police released him but the American fugitive got him arrested again thereafter never heard of him. What happened in London bombing, Spain were all links of the same chain.
A media campaign to profile Pakistan as the next evil doer has been going on since 9/11. At various intervals and various locations around the world, some false flag has been raised to profile Pakistan in some terror activity. Immediately after 9/11, two Pakistanis were arrested in Mexico on an assumed charge of some terror activity there. Jeff Gates, Gordon Duff and Wayne Madsen are but a few names who have written enough on the subject. Now that James Mel Rockefeller has also come out in the open, he has lot more to add and expose you false flag operations.
A few days back, Omar bin Laden, one of the sons of the alleged Al Qaeda mastermind Osama bin Laden has said that he believes his father is still alive, and that he still loves him in spite of his links to various terror-related tragedies around the world. This is a statement that has clear signature of have been prompted by putting words in his mouth. Hillary wanted to have a ground accuse Pakistan for harboring Osama Bin Laden so that grounds are prepared to attack. If this be true, then Hillary should be looking in the basement of White  House where Monica too found a safe heaven.
Hillary is not the first secretary of state to have terrorized Pakistan, the former iron lady Condoleezza Rice, commonly known in this part of the world as Queen Sheeba is on record to have given some very serious threats to terrorise Pakistan. Richard Armitage wanted to take us into stone age; these are just a few names.  I can go back to Henry Kissinger era too or that of Madeline Albright
It has been reliably learnt from high credibility sources in DC that now in the power corridors, whisper campaign is going on that balkanisation of Pakistan is fate accomplice. They see it as their necessity like Kissinger thought it necessary to disintegrate Pakistan in 1971. Pakistani public is well aware as to how and for what purpose the present set of government has been brought in. They have their compulsions, they have billions of plundered money stacked in your banks, thus you hold them by the tails. They have no option but to do what you wish them to else they lose all the money. The people know it well that be it PPP, PMLs, ANP, MQM and some other elements are on board to that affect.
It must be kept in mind, in case of any adventurism 180 million people would stand steadfast with complete disregard to what the installed puppets may think to protect and play your game. In that case they would risk their lives at the hands of the public lest they are pulled out by you.
It is evident that now the focus has been lifted off Iran, the spotlight is on Pakistan. This is also a talk in Washington DC that America cannot misadventure in Iran but she thinks that through her installed puppets in Islamabad she can take on Pakistan. Thus for this purpose, Blackwater and other such elements had been pushed in here.
It’s no secret that the key figures of BLA and some dissident tribes like the Bugtis and Marris are in their safety being looked after and fed to be launched as freedom fighters. Recently as reported in the press, one such political asylum has been granted to Dawood Suleman, the Khan of Kalat by the British Government at the behest of the US administration. This is how friends are rewarded by buying out a few traitors to be used as propaganda material against Pakistan.
America is sadly mistaken, Pakistan is not the few puppets installed by them, but 180 million who would shred to pieces any collaborators that dare to side the enemies of Pakistan. At this critical juncture, Pakistan has a very committed leadership of the Armed Forces that is very professional and loyal to the soil. The forces are very professional and well trained. They have given ample demonstration of their professional competence in clearing out the miscreants launched by America and her proxies Israel and India. Americans must know, Pakistan is not Iraq, it’s a country armed with all the technologies and mostly indigenous therefore in any given theatre America would get the run for its money.
There is no secret why America is behaving so desperate; the war has been lost, it was Bush’s war that Obama  has owned, the people back home are sick and tired of the lies emanating from White House, Capitol Hill etc. The body bags are on the rise but are kept hidden from the American public. Bodies are trickled back home in silence so that these don’t become a media stock. Americans want war trials of Bush, Dick Cheney, Rumsfeld etc. People of Pakistan would like to include Parvez Musharraf too in the list of war criminals, so do the British who want Bush’s poodle Tony Blair to be tried.
Talking to Karen Kwiatkowski, a retired Lieut Col of the US Air Force on the subject said, “I know that we have a history of turning against past friends and allies — but I don’t understand the point of any attack on Pakistan – even diplomatic attacks as Hillary has been doing — when our best chance of finding any remaining bad guys relating to 9/11 (if you believe the story that those bad guys did 9/11) would lie with Pakistan’s government/local leaders.
Unless we are looking for a backlash — and I heard that mentioned on radio this morning, it could be that in provocation the politicians and generals feel they can sustain their presence in Afghanistan.  Of course, it is an unpopular war here, but Americans don’t feel the war in a personal way.”
She further stated, “If so, this indicates an amazing amount of stupidity on the part of our generals and politicians, and also desperation.”
This is a high risk gamble that Obama is playing that only fools play to save his own and the necks of his predecessors. Stakes are very high, Obama would be a loser all the way down, this ambitious misadventure would burn America inside out. Her collapse like that of Soviet Union would become inevitable. It’s true that no power has lasted for ever and its equally true that all powers have vanished in pursuit of their mad dreams. Germany, Soviet Union, Great Britain are all examples from the recent history. Now it is a writing on the wall that America’s innings is over. America cannot avert her defeat by expanding the war, in fact it’s destruction under its own weight will be expedited.
Its about time that Nuremberg trials be reenacted and save the innocent people from the wrath of these war perpetrators both in the US and elsewhere.

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