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Inseparable Twins

By Marivel Guzman
Jun 14, 2010

Anguish and sadness,
Excruciating pain,
Grieving, departing,
Memories gathering
Squishing them tight
Take them in your journey

Afraid to say…
the last good byes
Behind your leaving
Your Mother Land…
Wanted to escape,
To run!,
Fighting your shadows,
your mind!
Dark Torment,
ghost of the past,
Shadows of the present
Don’t cry is part of life

Leaving behind your mother
Is not a crime!
Leaving Your cradle,
your dreams
your bed,
your friends
Is just part of live
Sons of the mother,
Missing her breath
Her worries,
her endless advices!,
The kitchen spices……..
Her lovely hands,

Although with pain
They need to abandon
That beloved soil
The Mother Land
Holding your fits
to your heart
Yelling in profound silence,
you Ask!
What you’ve given me?……
Death, Misery and blood!
Oh Dear Beloved
Sons of this land
Terrible future you have
You want to live,
You want to fly,
But the ties to the land,
And the guilt of your absence,
Are spears in your heart

That Distance promising
As a poisonous arrow,
Your soul is free
To decide, you know
Victory is not given…..
Not to barren hands

Rivers of blood feeding
To the thirsty land,
Never enough,
To Quench the thirst of the war,
Longing to return already
But have not even
This Land that saw you
play, And cry!
Tormented soil,
Hearing the thunder
The Bombs,
Your mother pots
your brothers laughing
Your cries and laughs
All blended in time!
Your wrote his story
In every hill,
every hole, every grave
every tree,
the mist, the blows in the morning
the light the gives life

You are every where
My sons, you exist
In the Nowhere…..
That part of everything
That sees,
that touch!
Always Moving,
Touching everything
Penetrating all the landscape
Your joy and your pain
Feeling like one,…..
the same!

My sons, You want to go,
And conquer the world,
but that wound in your heart,
grows like the Vine
Run My son, ride the winds,
touch the other side
We are the same,
continuity, sea and dirt
Like Mahmoud Darwish,
Using his pen and soul,
To give his message
with angel wings to the world
Writing emptiness in the sky
He won your heart, my heart

Mi memories will live in you
Inside your flesh,
Running through your blood,
Being here,
or there.
I embrace you the same!
Be gone, grow wings, Fly!
That this land will always be here
Always be yours,
You are not departing
We are moving to the
other side, you and me

This poem of love
Will always survive
The pain of the mothers,
Will be there, with you
With your soul in your flesh,
That grief will be joy
When you my sons pray
Every time your forehead
Touches the ground!
All the laughs, memories, pains,
Blended as one in that moment
of meditation, raising your vibration
Be happy, Be Palestine

Time will give you
That sought peace
No battles, no bombs
The story is rewritten
You win!,
Peace be with you
You deserve it
Behold that though
When you feel Free
I will be Free, because…
We are one
Mother, sons and Land

I will be in your dreams
Return of this mount of soil,
My essence will give you warm
The thought, will give you
Food for you soul.
Ancestral ties
always here, my sons,
Always yours, remember
Your Land is Palestine
Continuous terrain
that connect, all the around,
Don’t cry.
Just touch the ground,
Is all sacred,
The mystery of life
That connects.
Love is with you,
As soul and heart,
As you are dirt,
You are part of this land,
Inseparable twins

Mothers, sons and the Land is Palestine

Palestine is in her sons and the Land that sorround us all, the holy land

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Gaza in Plain Language by Akashma

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The Disease and Death of a Bully

By Les Blough, Editor. Axis of Logic                                                      Posted by Marivel Guzman
Axis of Logic
Monday, May 31, 2010

In every country of the world people are outraged today by Israel’s attack on the ships that were bringing 10,000 tons of humanitarian aid to the Palestinians in Gaza. Turkey has recalled it’s foreign ministry from Israel, cutting off ties and international bodies such as the UN and the Brussels Tribunal have joined in the outcry. Arab, Asian, Latin American and some European countries are condemning the attacks today. The US and a few other countries under Zionist control are parroting statements of regret about the loss of life. Meanwhile, the bully defends his actions with the pretext of self-defense.

The Bully’s Pathological Reaction

According to Al Jazeera, some Israelis cheered the Israeli attack and even distributed sweets to ‘celebrate the attack and the killing of the activists’,” oddly reminiscent of the Israelis who danced, celebrating the attacks on the World Trade Centers on September 11, 2001. If any Israelis are condemning or protesting the attacks, they are not to be found in our review of the literature today. Meanwhile, on every corporate media outlet, Israel claims victimhood and self-defense again, blaming the unarmed victims for attacking their heavily armed soldiers who boarded their ship from helicopters in international waters.

What is the reaction to worldwide condemnation in the mind of Israel? The bully swaggers and brushes off criticism as unimportant. His response is similar to the condemnation mounted against him for his slaughter of civilians in Gaza in 2009. Based on his words and actions, it’s not difficult to imagine that Israel is not only impervious to international condemnation, they quite possibly love it. If the personality of the Israeli state and many of its inhabitants need anything, it needs attention. They seem to have a pathological need to be “front and center” and whether the attention gained is positive or negative – is of no real importance to them. This narcissism is very much like that which we see in many celebrities on stage and in the movies. The Zionist’s worst nightmare is that of losing his fame … or his infamy. Losing the applause or condemnation would mean facing the terror of looking inward and facing the horror that may lurk within. His fragile ego, guilt and fractured self-image makes him unpredictable or so he wants everyone to believe. Negative attention for this swaggering bully in the school yard proves his feelings of power which he desperately needs to compensate for his deep-seated paranoia and sense of impotence. The more widely condemned and the more atrocious his attacks, the greater the psychological compensation.

The Turkish Ship

Israel carefully chose to attack the relief ship from Turkey over the the other 5 ships in the flotilla. Turkey’s prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has repeatedly and courageously condemned Israel’s attacks inside Gaza in January, 2009 and their 60 years of theft and murder of Palestinians and he publicly embarrassed Shimon Peres at Davos in February “When it comes to killing, you know very well how to kill.” When you challenge and embarrass a bully, bereft of self-esteem, you can expect to be threatened if not attacked. Benjamin Netanyahu, defended the cowardly attack on the heroic activists today saying that he gave his “full backing” to the military force. The bully cannot afford to have his reputation for violence questioned before those who fear him. Erdogan’s refusal to cooperate with Israel economically or militarily and to confront them publicly has further exacerbated Israel’s psychopathology. These acts by Erdogan set the stage for Israel’s decision to attack the Turkish ship, loaded with unarmed activists and humanitarian supplies. Of one thing all nations can be certain: if you have the audacity and gall to criticize Israel on the international stage, you can expect a reprisal. Those reprisals come in different forms such as assassinations by Mossad death squads as in their murder of Hamas leader, Mahmoud Mabhouh, in Dubai earlier this year or many others like their murder of Sweden’s Foreign Minister Anna Lindh for her leadership in the call for international boycott of Israeli exports in 2003.

Venezuela’s President Chavez has also experienced the wrath of the Zionists after he booted out the Israeli ambassador following their acts of genocide in Gaza. So far that wrath has only been expressed in the lies of the corporate media, calling him a dictator and Venezuela, “undemocratic”; attacks on the Venezuelan economy by the money changers in the brokerage houses; Israel’s military support for Venezuela’s enemies in Colombia; and attempts to brand the Venezuelan government as “anti-semitic”. Today we heard an announcement on Venezuelan television, not lost on the ears of the enemy to be sure, that the government plans to meet tomorrow to discuss measures that might be taken to curtail petroleum shipments to Israel and to eliminate all Israeli products from Venezuelan stores. Whatever action is taken, we can expect more reprisals from the bully. With assistance from Cuban intelligence, we are sure that the Venezuelan government is fully apprised of the threat of Israeli economic and physical violence inside the country. Former president Fidel Castro did not survive so many assassination attempts through the years by being stupid. But after having the courage to condemn and embarrass the bully publically, one must assume that his intent on revenge will not sleep until he has been finally defeated.

Giving Voice to the Bully

The international capitalist media has given voice to Israel’s defense of their attack while the activists, 19 of whom were killed and scores of others injured, are being held in an Israeli prison with no contact by the media, with even their cell phones either confiscated or cut off. Today, CNN TV bemoaned the fact that Israel will not allow their reporters’ access to the imprisoned victims. At the same time, they give opportunity for the Israelis to spew their lies about how their soldiers only shot the activists in self-defense. The uniformed Israeli killers boarded their ship from helicopters, armed to the teeth while we are told by an Israeli-CNN spokesperson, “the militants” on the ship had “attacked them with great violence” (using slingshots and marbles and clubs). The corporate media obviously doesn’t give a damn about insults to the viewer’s intelligence nor even bothers to offer a pretense of credibility. They are the bully’s paid thugs, marching in lock-step with him, along with the US, European and some Arab governments. Just as Bully Israel is doing his job in the Middle East for one world government, the media is doing theirs. If CNN were serious about their desire to interview the victims, they could easily tell Israel, “We won’t give you stage until you give us access to them.” But of course that wouldn’t serve the agenda of the corporate media.

The Burial of the Atrocity

Splish-Splash – the Israelis kill again and the corporate media has its orgastic moment for a day, week or month. The crime fades from their newspapers, websites and TV screens and then becomes “history.” The only ones who continue to suffer are the maimed and the loved ones of the 19 dead … and the Palestinians in Gaza. They aren’t given a voice except in the alternative media on websites like this one. Aside from the alternative media, were it not for countries like Turkey, Syria, Iran, Venezuela and the ALBA countries – and Hezbollah – the victims and our memory of them would be buried and forgotten within a year or two.

The Burial of the Bully

There are times when the bully swaggers on for years, plundering the wealth of nations and killing the innocent and oppressing the poor. The victims on earth cry out, “How long!” The death of the bully comes too slowly for the afflicted. In this case, he sits on his pile of nuclear weapons at Dimona, threatening anyone who dare criticize let alone mount military opposition against him. But death comes to all and in different forms. In the case of Israel, it may come in the form of the economic collapse of the Great Whore of Washington at whose teats the bully has sucked for 60 years or more. When the mother dies – the suckling dies along with her. Or the death may come in the form of an international revolt by governments forced by the people to overthrow the bully, Dimona be damned. We cannot prophesy what disease will finally take down the bully, but we are certain that it has already invaded the body and death will come as surely as all human beings and empires finally go to their graves. And then? There will always be bullies.

We honor those heroes who laid down their life today to support their brothers and sisters in Gaza. We salute all those who set sail on this mission. They deserve our respect they serve as examples for the rest of us. We cannot become distracted by this. We must stay focused, follow their in their footsteps and carry out the mission they’ve begun.

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