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The Chinese are a HOAX

The Chinese People do not exist

The Governments of the World lied to us big time, there are no 2 billion Chinese, in fact there is not a place called China, you do not have to believe me, just read the news, read books, be informed.

We have a show of UFO’s or ET’s crafts which ever you want to call them, but reality is that the strong denial from the part of our governments, it always been the best medicine to this almost infectious dis-ease that the sighting become in the last 50 years, the government went to the extent of forming, various secret projects in his attempt to silence and dis-credit scientists and enthusiast alike of the phenomena of the UFO, creating in the same path, a real prolific business for movie writers and books writers, the science fiction took a leap in the last 30 years making billions of dollars, but now in this 21 century I wonder, if all this debunking and miss-information it was nothing more than part of the staged story, that our government knows wells to write. You cannot deny that you were fascinated by the subject and sometimes felt trapped between controversial information, always wanted to know more. You felt that morbid and spontaneous joy to find a little story bury in page 57 of the Sunday Newspapers, getting the sensation that that little note was going to validate that what you knew all along, that information that made you feel the outsider all these years, being the laughing stuck of your social circle, but that little note in the papers make you feel important and you thought “see I was right, I am not crazy”, but when you just start feeling comfortable about what you know about other beings, next day in bigger letters and in the front page of national newspapers  you find again a note about ET’s, but now says that all the scientific information point out to be a HOAX, that it was an optical illusion, that reporter did not see what he said he saw, that was nothing but the reflection of the sun on a weather balloon, that reporter is saying now in national TV that was a hoax,  it is frustrating, what are you going to think, “Maybe I’m disillusional ”,…… and you remember…. wait a minute;

What about all those pictures that you been taking for the last 30 years?

Are those ILLUSIONS Also?

Are they reflection of the sun?

You start doubting yourseft again, you go back to those pictures and you find that there is nothing to see, those shapes, spirals and lights that you captured are disappearing and being remplace with the convincing story of the media paid by the Elite and supported by your government.

Those space beams or crafts that you captured with your camera, all those beautiful colors want to stay in the print, but now you refuse to see them, and bury then in the closet, you forget about them and you keep your life as nothing ever happen to you, and life goes on, but then you find people than have seen the same lights in the sky, more people emerge from all over the globe, with the same pictures that you have, the same stories that you know, and you go back to those pictures and you see them again, those faces that you recognized in the space craft are there again, the landscape is recognizable on the outer side of the ship, you know that those are huge floating cities, they are not your imagination.

what are you going to do now?

Will you yell to everybody that you are not crazy that they exist, that they are brothers and sisters in other spaces and realities, in other planes of existence, that have the same interrogative that you have, and again you get to the conclusion that your government is being lying to you all along, they knew that others beings like ourselves are coming to greet us, that even some of them  made agreements with the high hierarchy of the world, they befriend them long time ago, and also they betrayed them, but….. what can you do? Talking about it openly will do?

Accepting publicly that you believe on Stellar Cultures will help?

Well we have been talking about it for decades, but… Now.. We have a powerful ally, it is called the Internet This marvelous tool of instantaneous communication, that travels the waves of light,  light is information, you see… you don’t need to be acknowledged by the Elite, nobody needs to convince anybody of their existence, they are here and there and everywhere and that it is a fact.

Let me make a story for THE sake of AN exemple:

The Chinese does not Exist

So what is next, do you have to make a documentary to explain the masses that there is a group of people living in the Asiatic Continent where there are more than a billion souls, that breath, eat, work, have fun, have sorrows and happiness just like us, that they resemble the people living in America in the American Continent, no you do not have to convince anybody, they live there for more than 5 thousand years, you and the other 5 billions of souls might never have been there or seen those people in their land, but they are there, Do you think that because 89 percent of the population of the world never been in China they think that it is a HOAX, that they do not exist?

What do you think?

Are you pretty convinced that they exist?

How do you know that there is actually more than a billion people living in China?

You just believe it, because the media is been telling you about that great culture, because there are thousands of books in the Western World written about the Chinese.

Will you doubt the information?  because I think is all made up, they do not exist, Am I right?

Flash News:

This is an important information update: The University of Believe NOT, just finished a study of the so called Chinese people, they been researching for more than 30 years, and they came to the indisputable conclusion that the Chinese do not exist, Professor WHO, who is been in charge of the Study, is been cloning different cultures over the years in his attempt to find the truth about the Chinese and finally after many experiments he and his team at the University came to the conclusion that the Chinese People and their Culture is being part of a Campaign of Mis-Information carried out by rogue government.

Every day for the next 50 years the government will pay for this Flash News to Appear in the Evening News.

What do you think will happen to the next generation, when the His-story books erase the Chinese Culture from school books, when nobody talks about them, when they are not allowed to travel out of their Mother Land, when nobody is allowed to travel inside China.

100 years from now people will be wondering if they ever existed, the last few genes will disappear from the rest of the population, and when someone comes out and talks about the Chinese they will think that he is crazy, when he says that his grandparents were from Chinese Descend he will have a terrible accident, together with his family and relatives.

But; what if a million Chinese people secretely come out of the mother land and start interacting with other people and convince them that they are real, that they are been there for thousands of years, who will believe ?……… Them or books, news, the government official story?

But wait a minute….. Chinese are very powerful, they have amazing artifacts that fly, many people around the world have taken pictures of them, their space ships are different from ours, after all for the last 100 years all they been doing is perfecting their skills, and advancing in their technology, they have perfected their science, they have not have any interference from the rest of the world, they mastered the science of the spirit, they overcome gravity, they travel in and out of our known galaxy, they are an advance culture, but.. nobody want to believe, their ships when capture in camera, the government always says that is an optical illusion, the government go out of his way to prove that it is a HOAX, they pay Universities to MAKE Researches to “find out” that they do not exist, they spend billions of dollars every year to convince us in the news that those planes that we see are military planes, our planes making exercises.

News, movies, books written asure us that they do not exist, and the mass believe it, they do not ask question the great majority of the population are too busy, entertaining thenselves, using drugs, eating, working, they are too busy to bother.

But there is a growing number of people that are aware that the Chinese exist, that the government is being lying all along, they don’t care if the books, or movies deny their existence, they do not need proof because these people have been interacting with the Chinese, they have learned their culture their technology and they are willing to talk about it without trying to convince anybody, after all you can not wake up a person that is awake, he choose to ignore you, and is fine you try.

Years later when is obvious that the Chinese exist, that they communicate with the rest of the world, that there are pictures of their ships with my neighbor inside, there are pictures of the Chinese all over the world, your uncle have Chinese blood, the head of state grandfather was a Chinese, a mean the Chinese are everywhere even in the soup. The Chinese tell us that they are a loving people that they love peace, they hate war, but also they tell us that they have multiply greatly they are more than 2 billion just in CHINA and more than 2 billion around the world, they are mighty . Our government knows that they have achieved great advances in technology. Is interesting that any subject can be manage the same way that the information about Inter Stellar Cultures, right? Now here we are trying to explain to the people of the world that the Chinese is a great culture with beautiful people just like you and I, that they are a prosperous and lovely people, they want to interact with us the rest of the world, that they ships being flying in out of space and in “OUR” space for quite some time, and no,… they are not a menace to us, but the Elite-Government are afraid that this mighty people the Chinese will try to lead us to a more advance civilization like they are, where love is more important than war, where technology is used in benefit of all the Chinese People, where money was abolished long time ago, where money is not necessary in their society, that art is everywhere, there is no poor people, or rich people, just citizens of China. The government/elite are afraid that we might ask questions, why they denied their existence for so long?, why we have wars, famine, dis-easies, they are afraid that we won’t follow their rules and regulations, that we won’t want to pay taxes, that we won’t want to work for the corporations.

The Elite/Government are thinking that their Big HOAX/RELIGION is coming to an end, then what?

The church has no place in society, their scare tactics won’t work no more they could not control the population to stay surmise, to please and serve without complaining, it is a big deal, …but as the Government/Elite think in a getaway plan/story to tell, the Chinese are all over the world, the people are interacting with them, learning with them, the government cannot hide the truth any longer, now they are thinking that they will lose control of the population, they have to act fast, time is running short, I am afraid they have one card left to play and that is suppression of your freedom to choose, they want to keep the control and they won’t stop to anything to keep it that way. Well The Chinese have open the eyes of the people of the world, now is up to us to take and demand answers, Inter Stellar Cultures are here, they are everywhere is a fact that cannot be hidden any more, will you accept the story that the Chinese do not exist because the government say so, no we have to open our minds to what we know, we have the pictures, the interaction is being going on for long time, the government have to come clean with an explanation, the church have to come clean with a BIGGER explanation. So the Chinese are in China in the Mother Land, they always been there, we do not need to visit China to know that there is in fact a big country called China. If you encounter a human with skin more pale than yours almost yellow, with long small eyes, do not be afraid is a Chinese Person and no, he does not abduct people to make experiments, they are far too advance for such savages activities, and yes they have more knowledge about us than we do. They do not need to kidnap humans; in fact humans will pay to go to China to find out if there is such place in existence.

Well my Inter Stellar Cultures just like the Chinese People are everywhere, they have existed long before we existed, they have interacted with civilizations long gone, they have interacted with our present civilization in a smaller scale, they are advance culture spiritually and technologically, they are peaceful and loving creatures, the great majority of the population have been denied the opportunity to openly interact with them, but why?

Is there a reason for such denial?

I only find twoe strong answers out of a handful of others less powerful.

What about the simple reason of another race in other planes of existence that will contradict the idea of GOD?………RELIGION

What about if the presence of other beings in the universe that will contradict the idea of ONE planet capable to sustain life?……………………………SCIENCE

What do you Think?

What do you Think?



Love be with you and around you


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