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The Internet and Peoples’s Rights

The Internet and Peoples’ rights

Who are the crooks?

We are far advance in internet communications and transmission of information throughout the net that we should be ourselves responsible for any loss of data that slip out of your control once is release throughout the web. It is insane the inquisitional persecution that kids and adults are being subject to by the music and movie industry.

Seems that lawyers are always ready to strike and judges have lost their inherited discretion power, the power that justice have bestowed on them, after all they are acting in the name of god, so the bible said. God inherited his powers to the judges so they can carry justice to the people, and specifically said not to made petty crimes

When the material is transmitted using the internet as a means; especially if it is copywriter material the owner of the data should keep the product protected and secure. If such person, entity, organization or other form of physical entity claim to be the owner of such material.

We can’t go back to the 60’s when the first copy machines came to existence they were also the target of jealousy and courts theatrics, we should advance our mentality at the same pace that our technology is advancing and act within the advance of it . Information is a legacy of the human race, and it comes in many different packages, been books, cds, dvd, electronic books, data (information transmitted thru the internet) software, games, utilities, drivers etc.

I understand that when somebody comes with an idea, she or he should be rewarded for his/her work, sure I agree, but also I advocate that if such work final destination is for the betterment of humanity should be public domain as soon as the work is paid for.

How can we be fair to authors of books, software engineers, song writers, inventors and so on and so forth. Well the formula is very simple the work before to be made available to the public should be categorize and priced accordingly to its importance to society and once the price is meet, meaning the price the owner wants to get for his/her material, immediately should be made available to the public. Anyway we live in a snoby society where publicity stunts are play every day, millions of people around the world feel the necessity to be the first ones to own such books that they will spend cold nights in the sleeping bags, waiting outside of bookstores just to be the first ones to own Harry Potters, or Twilights just to name a few.

When the material is worth it, the authors should not be worry of not making enough money, they will get a fair price. If the people demand the product in cases like games or software even better, before the product is even manufactured is already being sold, billons of dollars are made for new material, why the greed?, they still want to get more money out of something that is obsolete, because in our technologic era products from last month are out of the mind of the people today becoming obsolete.

If what is important for humanity is given less value in our courts around the world. I’m referring to inventions, the owner get the privilege to his/her work for only 30 years after that it become public domain, why the digital material enjoy to better standing in time, 100 years if I am not wrong?.

And to be fair in my comments let me assure you that in 95 % of the cases being challenged in courts for “illegally download” those cases are not being fought by the real and rightful owners at least in the majority of the cases. Books are usually bought by a publisher and get to keep the rights of the book, unless the author is a known writer and have some bestsellers in their record they loose their rights of the book, right at the beginning of the deal, songs most of the time are bought by famous singers and they pretend to be the writers and they register the song as their keeping the copywriter rights material for themselves. maybe is not always the case but is very common, singers and bands that are unknown loose their rights when a big company produce their CD’s in exchange for advertisement and little money, the software’s rights in the great majority of the cases is lost when the creator mind has to give his rights even before the software is made, the material is considered property of the company where the person works and the credits and regalities belong to the company maybe a pat in the back and a little bonus for the creator mind.

And for MOVIES THE web is extensive. A lot of people is involved in the creation of the movie, should be fair to said that every body that work in the process should be EQUALLY OF the product yeah, sure.. but is not the case. The Studio, Producer, Director, usually are the top money makers and they considered themselves the owners and they are the ones that copywriter the movie, in certain instances where the actor/actress is a big shoot they demand part of the proceeds, rare cases, I heard of Robert De Niro I might be wrong but the point is who is suing and what for? There are thousands of people being sued for “illegally downloading” material from the internet and more cynical I found is that there are actually companies that were formed just to find illegal downloader and they are selling their findings to companies that want to sue people can you believe this?. This remained me of the crocks lawyers that roam supermarkets and they are ready to hand business cards to customer that slip and fall inside the premises, or the lawyers that make millions of dollars out of uninsured motorist and when they pack their packets with poor’s people money they start pushing for legislation to oblige motorist to pay for insurance well the list go on and on, this time they aim is “illegal downloads” but what more surprise me is that judges are being made part of this theater.


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