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Memories-7 Days Exercise to Live Again and Cherish Today as the Last Day of your Life

The memories of the past will keep you in check with your present and, motivated for your future.

First Day

Retrieving your memories;

Let’s start by preparing the setting; the most important part of the session is the room that you will use

Try to pick special place where sometimes you unconsciously have reserved in your home as your personal retrieve, like a chair in the kitchen, that chair that you automatically choose when you are alone. A sofa,  a corner in your garden, your bed. F
Forget for a moment our intentions and prepare yourself a coffee or tea whichever drink you prefer and go enjoy it,  we will continue when you come back.

Now say where did you go to enjoy your drink?  You see, the spot you choose to enjoy your drink is the perfect place for your exercise.

If you enjoy a cup of coffee, tea, soft wine, hot chocolate, any drink that make you feel relaxed and warm, have one ready, take a warm bath or invigorating shower, wear something loose and comfortable preferable light color or white, sit down in your favorite chair, have a notepad and pencil handy.  This first session will help you remember the best moments of your life, they will come to your mind like a movie, you will try to bring back your childhood, your adolescence, or even the more recent experiences any memory that made you smile or feel good.

This is a self healing session and reinforcement of yourself. Pick a quite day when there is no work, or school, or chores.  Remember your mind is an ocean of ideas, always planning what to do,  like a bee colony always working, so give her a rest for a few hours, she will be busy only recollecting pleasant and memorable experiences already archived not forgotten, and our mind is a computer that does not forget anything only set everything aside the information for later use. Your will be amazed how you will remember those instances of your life that marked your soul forever I must warn you some experiences will emerge from your conscience that are not too pleasant to remember but for today skip those memories we will deal with them when your are strong and emotionally ready.

Turn the lights off and lit a few candles,  it does not matter how many, 1, 2, 20 your choice. The light that you perceive is emitted by on of the elements of life, the vibration of the flame deliver the necessary frequency to help you to relax and start you meditation.  Slowly enjoy your drink, burn some incense if you whish, they have the property of relaxation and healing.

Start with some breathing exercises for a minute or two, breathe deeply and excels slowly, Inhale so deep that you feel your stomach contract and your lungs expand. This will oxygenate your brain and awaken every fiber and cell in your body, breathing gives you the elixir of life, it calls air. Did you ever think this way, every time that you inhale air when you breath your brain and your heart come back to life and every time that you exhale your die, think for a moment that your body is nothing without air, it will be an inert object lifeless, so show some respect and use it properly relearn how to breath as babies do, their mind is so in piece, no stress or worries, their breathing is natural and peaceful.  As we grow up our minds become crowded with ideas and peace is replace by stress our breathing become shorter that eventually we start killing ourselves, we don’t inhale enough air to help our body to oxygenate our cell, so our body start ageing prematurely and our mind loose her alertness.

If you ever have enrolled in meditation classes like yoga, studied martial arts, or simply gone to a gym with instructor, one of the first lessons is to relearn how to breath, as you developed good breathing techniques your mind will relearn how to be peaceful and truly aware of whatever you do, think, see, say, touch, eat or perceive, this way getting back in the control seat of your actions and thoughts.

The autopilot that you being experienced which is nothing more that automatic behavior, where your conscience is shut of, and do not really see what is in front of you, you don’t enjoy every instant of your existence.  Think for a moment how life in the city develop, the city is a metropolitan space of land so busy, crowded that life goes away so fast that you don’t even notice until is too late.   A little example but speaks for a thousand words: “Alarm Clock”, what does it say to you? Well let me remind you. You set your alarm clock at 6:00 A:M, you need to be at work at 8:00 A:M right?, so what happen at the sound of the alarm in the morning?, you will wake up at the ring. Without a clue of what time it is, your subconscious react at the sound, your body gets up, it takes a fast shower, dress up and maybe you will have a breakfast at home, but.. most probably you won’t, you will grab a cup of coffee on the way.. Sound familiar? Well I did it for 25 years and so billions of people around the globe.  You will have some notion of time in your way back to your home, when you are stuck at traffic, and only because you get impatient and start looking at the clock, this pattern is repeated every day of your life without your control, even on weekends if you forget the alarm on, your body will wake up at the sound, you will have a glimpse of reality and remember that you don’t work that day and will go back to sleep but is part of the unreality that we have been set up to perform.. yeah that’s right perform like actors in a stage.

Test yourself for self control.  Today before you go to bed walk a few minutes or just go outside and take a few deep breath, admire the sky, look the trees and plants around, feel the sensation of the air in your face, tell yourself what you will do tomorrow like: “ I intent to wake up at 5:30 in the morning to breath consciously,  I want to make a few stretches, prepare a warm drink and drink it very slowly, I will take a shower and dress up, I will wear such a dress or pants and drive to work”, we are trying to control our time, we want to stop using the alarm clock, if you are afraid of not waking up for work at time try it in the weekend first or set the alarm, it will ring at 6:00 right? If first day could wake up try tomorrow, make your intent stronger don’t worry if you cannot do it the first couple of days, after all is a bad habit you had done it for 20 years or maybe 25 like me.  You will see that once you control your body to wake up, then your mind is back in control, is your first step to freedom, relaxation and realization, you are controlling your body and controlling “time”, the first day that you accomplish the control of your body you will feel this little satisfaction that follows, is your mind in control, your conscience is aware, remember that your mind does not sleep your body does.

Now that you know the power of your mind over your body practice the sensation of discovering your vision again, you have been seeing without seeing.  On your way to work “see” that tree close to your house, look closely.. how beautiful it is the bark with all those designs it looks like a canvas, is a piece of art, for you to admire,  entertain your imagination for a moment  free of charge, when was the last time that you actually stop in the road to admire a tree? Never done it, why?  you take it for grant it, you think that  is  decoration, an accessory for the city, maybe that was the intention of the planners of the city, but the tree is alive and his purpose is different than just been there.

You’ve living in auto pilot, you see the world around you without paying much attention, not aware that you’ve controlled by your artificial surroundings, time, distance, marketing, stress, work all these factors wrap you in a maze and keep you inside a box unable to enjoy nature,  you have the ability to distinguish the colors of the sky, the shapes of the leaves, the contour of the mountain, the clarity of water, the intensity of the eyes, you can actually feel through the eyes.

What about your neighbors, can you recognize your third door neighbor? Did you ever pay attention to the color of his house, what about his car, does he has any kids or a dog, can you remember? or never paid any attention, little details that seems of no important, but they really make a difference it will fill your senses, every image that your mind capture deliver different frequencies with information and only through your eyes that you will capture that, try sometimes knock on his door, introduce yourself, exchange phone numbers, when you see him say hi, it makes a world of difference you will feel better, it will create sympathy, harmony.

See with your eyes, admire everything around you, do not allow TV or magazines to dictate you what is beautiful, what you like, capture it with your own eyes and sense it and you be the judge.

That first time that you realize how important are your eyes to feed images to your mind and that tree on the road will make you remember when you were little,  the memories will start flowing, the faces of your friends, the games you used to play how fun that was, now visualize that tree of your childhood it gave so much fun, shade, fruits, oxygen, and this tree on the road is giving you something very important  he is giving you back your memories, if you just stop and see him and admire him I can tell you this with confidence this tree can give you also shade, refuge, comfort and a soft breeze  full of oxygen, is yours, is free enjoy him and protect him one day could be your only friend.

Sitting in your favorable sofa remember when you bought it, go back to that day when you were sitting and feeling how soft and comfortable it was after you brought it home you dedicate the best moments to relax you probably were impatient to finish your chores so you could come to sit down and enjoy a sip of coffee, but  after a few days you stop enjoying the sofa, it become part of your every day routine, try it again imaging is the first day and it is new,  reclining and think as far back as you can remember your mind will feel so free of your intent of retrieving your memories that they all will want to come out, they will be popping out like pop corn one after another, write them down they are like precious stones that you must cherish, when you feel sad,  read them aloud and live again the moment, remembering  is to live again.

Some people might think that they do not have good memories that their childhood was so sad and miserable that they rather forget about them, if you are one of those that think this way discard those ideas we all have good memories for insignificant that they appear is always good to remember


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