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Choices we make- Right or Wrong?


The choices we make – Right or Wrong?

by Marivel Guzman Mar 02, 2009

What is right or what is wrong? It is a simple answer, “The Perception of each individual is different, what seems right for me, would look wrong for you and vice verse, the upbringing of each individual determine his perception of reality. I will give you a classical example because is common in our society to being raise by you grandparents.  If you were raised by your grandmother, with “moral values” that are 200 years old lets use this for the sake of my example,( but of course there are exceptions to the rule), you would find absolutely wrong the actions that I find perfectly fine.  I was raised by my grandmother and two aunts; the three of them were separated from their husbands for perfectly understandable reasons, the three of them had to work and live as single parents to raise their kids, so their moral values changed to fit their new reality, so it was mine.

But what are moral values? Nothing more that conducts norms adequate to the epoch, or simply saying accepted by the society in specific times. In a more descriptive explanation or rationalization of the use of Moral values, let’s dissect their significance as separate words and as a whole one two words expression as well.

According to Western Dictionary:

Moral: Concerned with right and wrong and the distinction between them. As plural Morals is applied always in sexual matters, or also used to denote Principles of conduct.

Value: The measure of how strongly something is desire.

Principle: A law of nature as formulated and accepted by the mind.  The acceptance of Moral Law as guide to behavior.

Conduct: To behave oneself.  Be-Have. Be and Have.

Behave or Behavior: To conduct oneself.

We analyze all these words and say nothing concrete as separate expressions or words, but when you applied them into the context of reality of now then is up to every individual to give the meaning to these words or expressions and act accordingly to his or her acceptance.

My understanding is to conduct yourself, be to a degree of what you have, to what your mind accepts as normality or normal, be right to your comfort zone of understanding to what is right or feels right.

I can go on and on and my perception will always be different of the next person, of course sometimes in life we interact with persons very much alike and we will be more comfortable dealing with these individuals. So the choices we make will look more right than wrong in that setting.

We should consider what is sociable accepted to a degree that we do not want to be single out because after all we are social beings programmed to act accordingly to the settings, maybe a few exceptions of the rule “Introvert People” “ermitan”..

So, how you conduct yourself in life is up to you, you always will be the ultimate responsible of your actions and consequences.

But remember there are no coincidences in life, the choices you make beam to a purpose.

You may well become a great scientist, teacher, leader, doctor, what you want to be is what will determine the choices that you make, some will bring positives results sooner that later, sometimes are not immediate but nonetheless they will come.

When kids start showing at very early age signs of determination it is confusing for parents, you hear very often this expressions like “Wow this kid has character”, or  “He has bad Temper” these kids a lot of the times are misunderstood. Contrary to the general assumption that these are bad kids that they will end up bad in life is wrong to categorize them as bad. The shows of determination at the early years, telling us that they know what they want and that will bring them early results in life, but we as a parent tend to try to stir up their life of what we want them to be, but every individual has a purpose in life and regardless of what we want to make them be they will become themselves.

Every one of us has a purpose and is up to us to find it, for that reason we need to live in plenitude to enjoy our existence, to live in harmony with humanity and Mother Earth, because only in complete harmony we will unveil the secrets of the universe and free ourselves and be part of the multi-verses.

So remember the choices are yours to make, never stop to experience them, never question if they are right or wrong, they are just choices make them instantly and they always will be right for you, but remember as long as you have the doubt in your mind about the choices in front of you and instead of acting  by instinct you think twice and rationalize your next move, because does not feel right in your mind, you are following your logical thinking but as you act you feel ants in your stomach, that is your ability to use your sixth sense which is almost forgotten but not completely,  your inner you, your subconscious trying to help you, trying to awaken.

Learn to trust your instinct more often and you will see how easily you make better choices; your life will make a turn very favorable that will surprise.

Sometimes you admire individuals that are very successful in life you probably wonder why these individuals always coming ahead of the game, entrepreneurs   that risk a lot, you surprise of their ability to win, but all they are doing is acting on instinct, their attitude is positive, because they follow their inner self. Sometimes ego gets in the way and their plans do not go according to schedule, remember my friends do not confuse my words with carelessness and ego centrism because one thing is being self-confident and another is being arrogant.

Dr Hua-Tuo a Chinese Medical Doctor that believes that humans beings should exercise and imitate the movements of animals: Birds, Tiger, Snakes and Bears to recover original life abilities that had been lost to the use of logical behaviors and not intuitive behavior. Learning to act natural will restore our natural instincts.


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  1. gaza love you and all gaza love y toooooooooooooo hope y come to yr home land and samell and teast and make yr life here

    Comment by omar gaza | November 19, 2010 | Reply

    • You hoped one year ago that I make my life in Gaza, I m ready for it. I want to taste and feel Gaza as my homeland that have become.

      Comment by Akashma Web Blogs | November 16, 2011 | Reply

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