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Indians? Forever!

And He Saw Indians?.. Forever..

New World?..or Old Word?

The Native Residents of the Land of America, Who are they?  At least in our continent called properly American Continent and not Christopher or Columbus Continent. When Christopher Columbus arrived to “The Indias Orientales” where rumors were saying that was a land shining with gold, he rapidly named the humans in those lands Indians, but there is a little problem with that name, he did not arrived to the Indians Orientales and he did not saw Indians, he saw the remains of the that Mayan Civilization that we heard so much, but know so little. Our poor merchant Portuguese set foot in a pristine land full of mysteries and riches well protected in the heavy southern jungle. When Christopher  brought the news to the Spaniard Crown, he will refer to them in only two adjectives: Indians or Savages.  How sad for our modern civilization that our hunters in their pursue of gold,  destroyed the legacy of that great civilization, their temples were savaged, ravaged for these men that called themselves “Civilized” Since that day on, any person found in the “New World” -or New Spanish a name that prevailed for more than 100 years- will be called Indian, what a terrible mistake and the most horrible of this incident is that our scholars, the persons in charge of our education for more than 500 years had failed to correct that mistake in our his-story, and to this day every person that is instructed in school around the globe is taught the word Indians to refer to anybody that is not of European descend. Imagine our experts mathematicians, The Mayans or our Illustrious Warriors the Aztecs, what will they think of our education system if they will be an equal citizen of those lands, if they could complain and call for a correction in His-story to really be Their-Story. Sometimes I wonder if it is in memory of Christopher Columbus’ Mistake that we don’t rightly correct the name Indians or if negligence or laziness of our educators, we got comfortably numb with that error that we don’t want to take the task to correct the education system of the World. I heard this expression when one wants to refers to indigenous people, Indian with a dot (referring to Hindus) or Indian with feather, how sad even well knowledgeable people had use this expression. Can we imagine the monumental change that had to be done to every trace of Indians? We even have a Indian Heritage Day Not to mention Indians Reservations, the supposed federal protected lands.. but that’s another story. Indian Protection Laws. Indian Museums Indians Trails. Indian Lands Indian Blood And the more cynical of all “American Indian History” This is one of those times that I have to make emphasis in the words History and His-Story, because certainly what it was imprinted in books was His-story.

BTW There is no End of the Word, It is the End of the World As we Know. In reality started Changing Already

It is worth to mention that the Mayan calendar which is believe to be at least 5200 years old according to the archaeologists, but I say that if we take in consideration the calendric system that they were following in great cycles of 1,872,000 days or 5128.77 of -of our non-accurated gregorian calendar years – and we are about to start a new cycle sometimes in 2011 or 2012, then they are much older civilization that we thought there were at least in this plane of existence that we are living now. Anyway their calendar as old as it is clearly shows that the sun was in the center of the planets revolving around it and not the earth being the center of the universe as the church proclaimed for many centuries, and also the earth as a round astral body and not flat as the church argued in their holy books.  Poor Cristobal Colon he finished his last years in a mad house because he believed until his death that the earth was round. I Have the privilege to had lived with the Txeltzal Tribe direct descendants of our Mayans, in the city Tuxaquiltxa in Ocosingo on the high sierra of Chiapas, one of the last pristine lands in Mexico, at least in those years the 80’s now after the 94 revolve I don’t know. I wish I had done more for them, I learned from their rich culture their rituals and dancing, and the most important for me was probably the properties of the plants that they use in a very peculiar way.

Plants of the Gods - Their Sacred, Healing and Hallucinogenic Powers by Richard Evans Schultes and Albert Hoffman Healing Arts Press (Vermont) 1992

Some are use as food and others as medicine and a few of them to induce deep soporific state,  these plants that ones the governments of the world are interested in make them illegals.
50-year-old Chippewa Sioux named Leonard Peltier, the most controversial and potent symbol of a violent civil-rights struggle waged in this country more than two decades ago. Serving consecutive life sentences for the murder of two FBI agents in the summer of 1975,  Peltier has been behind bars for the past 19 years. If the U.S. Parole Commission has its way, he’ll stay there for at least 14 more. Robert Redford and Michael Apted have made a sympathetic documentary, Incident at Oglala, and Apted has also directed a feature film, Thunderheart, inspired by his story.The most famous and influential book about his case, Peter Matthiessen’s In the Spirit of Crazy Horse. To a remarkable degree, Matthiessen’s version has been widely accepted as the definitive account, as well as the starting point for most of those who have turned their attention to the Peltier story. Yiwipi is a lakota ceremony where the shaman goes into trance and the spirit of animals or elements goes into him and can cure, find lost things, and predicts events. Yuwipi men are reluctant to perform the ritual today because they believe that their divination will ultimately involve the local police and other federal authorities, and they do not want to be responsible for sending another Indian to jail or prison. (Excerpt taken from Mariah Media Inc.) Scott Anderson’s most recent book is The Four O’Clock Murders (Dell). He won the 1993 Pope Foundation Award for Investigative Journalism and was a finalist for the 1994 National Magazine Award for reporting.-Reference- -(c)1994-2007 Mariah Media Inc. All rights reserved. Excerpt taken from the Dakota-Lakota-Nakota Human Rights Advocary Coalition- They made us many promises, more than I can remember. But they kept but one – They promised to take our land…and they took it. — Chief Red Cloud

Tunkashila, Let us stand Coalition strong in protection of our lands, our beliefs, our Sacred Spirituality, and our traditional Indigenous ways of life. We stand in strong support of Indigenous Rights and the Inherent Allodial title of Dakota, Lakota, and Nakota Lands. Let us reclaim what is ours and work diligently to preserve what we now have.

That piece of red, white and blue cloth stands for a system and a country that does not honor it’s own word…If it stood for honor and truth, it would remember our treaties and give them the appropriate place under international law. But it doesn’t. It dishonors its own word and violates its treaties… In Honor of Tony Black Feather (Died August 11 2004) Why the white raze have the incessant wish to exterminate our last wise men of the past in Earth, this extermination is happening around the globe, being Australia, Africa and America  3 hot spots. There are so many accounts in His-Story of massacres of indigenous people, that we need full encyclopedias to tell what really happened  in those stories and maybe if their-story is written down we could see the truth of the savages that killed our wise fathers, mothers, daughters and sons in those days and one day they could forgive us and we all can move on.

La Malinche, The Mother of the New Cultura Ibero Americana


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