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September 19, 2008

Listening to Zig Ziglar speaking in a excerpt in YouTube from one of his seminars, I have the motivation to write some more lines for my “Book”, not like the literal definition of a book, more like a diary, a journey to my life experience, during all my years as reader.

The name of the seminar is “Setting Goals”, sometimes all it takes is a little push , So I have planned to write my “Book” on the summer of 2007, I’ve been reading and researching all kind of material for my “Book”, but is been more difficult that I though, there is plenty of information in the subject but there have been an awakening journey, more I immerse myself in my ideas and research about other people’s ideas.
I see myself navigating in sea of theories, laws, discoveries, mysteries, doctrines and indoctrinations, information and misinformation, science and fiction and just anything imaginable and unimaginable where everything is together and refuse to separate.
Every idea that I have explored comes with an attachment, every theory come packed with references that crisscross to history, religion, science, fiction, spirituality, ancient civilization, UFO Theory, I mean everything is mysteriously connected. So here I am 2010 with more than 1000 pages written about “everything” and more I write more I get to the conclusion that is impossible to write a book and pour in it all the information that I want to write.

My initial idea was to deliver in one simple “book”, written in simple language leaving out big words, I always thought simple language is necessary to deliver the message to the people, writing elegantly and using big words is for intellectuals, and I am not one nor is the people I want to reach.

I started reading big books since I was 10 years old, I remember Crime and Punishment by Feodor Dostoyevsky, I end up reading most of his literature, so I started in a reading Quest. I have read more books than I can remember, from the classics to the more contemporaneous writers; I am undiscriminated reader ; from philosophy, religion, fiction, science, history, politics, folk stories, just name a subject , I like them all, and more I read more I understand the necessity to write, I cannot help it. It has to be done, the ideas are too many inside me, I feel that I can explode any moment.
My soul is pounding in my consciousness, forcing me to deliver my simple understanding to the people, to those that don’t have the time to explore the big dictionary, it the those with simple mind that don’t understand big and elaborated words and messages with dubious meaning that don’t fit their reality.
This is my journey I want to give back to the people what I learnt, and sometimes, I feel that is an obligation that I have to simplify the message and deliver it in the simplest form, deciphered and ready to be absorbed for the most curious and simple minds.

What motivates people to write books or journals? Well is very complex to explain but very easy to understand is you are in the writer shoes. I don’t see myself as a writer, I don’t think that I fit the description, I m more like a mind blogger, that writes everything that feels, sees, knows, discover, uncover, search and search.
This inner necessity of mine that that push me to give, the urgency to tell. The unselfish motive to share what we know, what we believe, what we suffer and feel, what we discover and understand of everything.

You will notice that sometimes I use journal style in my writing is a way to tell you how I structured this book, my motivations in any given day. My understanding of an idea, I hope you will understand the message, is done with love for all of you.
And the best of my idea, is that is Free to you, my thoughts are a gift for the ordinary citizen of the world, the global citizen. And the better news are is that you don’t need to speak my language to understand, the online translator are the free tools for humanity, where we are all part of the news.


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Total Control or Just the Begining?

January 02, 2008

Total Control

In an attempt to control people moves, now they are contemplating the idea of implanting  every truck and car with a global position satellite devise and transponders to record how many miles a vehicle has been driven  and perhaps the type of roads and time of the day.

The idea seems raising for economic reasons, but me that like conspiracy theories I see veiled motives behind the move.

This is a note from the associate Press by Joan Lowy, Friday 02, 2008.

“Motorist’ habits spur call for tax increases”; Washington, Motorist are driving less and buying less gasoline, which means fuel taxes aren’t raising enough money to keep pace with the cost of road, bridge and transit program.

So they want to raise 50 % in gasoline and diesel taxes to pay for roads, they saying that motorist are driving less and they are buying less gasoline, and they switching to more fuel-efficient cars and trucks and shifting to a new fuels and technologies like plug-in-hybrids eroding further the gasoline sales.

If you are driving less in the roads means you are saving the roads, because; less friction from tires, less pressure on the pavement means less damage, meaning less repairs, longer road life. Don’t you think? The government should be happy with the switching; we are saving the planet, the ozone layer, don’t we? Apparently wise citizens finally are doing what was told in a repeated rhetoric from political leaders, and now what? We are being punished from our good deeds raising the taxes and putting a leash in our neck to spies on us.

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Memories-7 Days Exercise to Live Again and Cherish Today as the Last Day of your Life

The memories of the past will keep you in check with your present and, motivated for your future.

First Day

Retrieving your memories;

Let’s start by preparing the setting; the most important part of the session is the room that you will use

Try to pick special place where sometimes you unconsciously have reserved in your home as your personal retrieve, like a chair in the kitchen, that chair that you automatically choose when you are alone. A sofa,  a corner in your garden, your bed. F
Forget for a moment our intentions and prepare yourself a coffee or tea whichever drink you prefer and go enjoy it,  we will continue when you come back.

Now say where did you go to enjoy your drink?  You see, the spot you choose to enjoy your drink is the perfect place for your exercise.

If you enjoy a cup of coffee, tea, soft wine, hot chocolate, any drink that make you feel relaxed and warm, have one ready, take a warm bath or invigorating shower, wear something loose and comfortable preferable light color or white, sit down in your favorite chair, have a notepad and pencil handy.  This first session will help you remember the best moments of your life, they will come to your mind like a movie, you will try to bring back your childhood, your adolescence, or even the more recent experiences any memory that made you smile or feel good.

This is a self healing session and reinforcement of yourself. Pick a quite day when there is no work, or school, or chores.  Remember your mind is an ocean of ideas, always planning what to do,  like a bee colony always working, so give her a rest for a few hours, she will be busy only recollecting pleasant and memorable experiences already archived not forgotten, and our mind is a computer that does not forget anything only set everything aside the information for later use. Your will be amazed how you will remember those instances of your life that marked your soul forever I must warn you some experiences will emerge from your conscience that are not too pleasant to remember but for today skip those memories we will deal with them when your are strong and emotionally ready.

Turn the lights off and lit a few candles,  it does not matter how many, 1, 2, 20 your choice. The light that you perceive is emitted by on of the elements of life, the vibration of the flame deliver the necessary frequency to help you to relax and start you meditation.  Slowly enjoy your drink, burn some incense if you whish, they have the property of relaxation and healing.

Start with some breathing exercises for a minute or two, breathe deeply and excels slowly, Inhale so deep that you feel your stomach contract and your lungs expand. This will oxygenate your brain and awaken every fiber and cell in your body, breathing gives you the elixir of life, it calls air. Did you ever think this way, every time that you inhale air when you breath your brain and your heart come back to life and every time that you exhale your die, think for a moment that your body is nothing without air, it will be an inert object lifeless, so show some respect and use it properly relearn how to breath as babies do, their mind is so in piece, no stress or worries, their breathing is natural and peaceful.  As we grow up our minds become crowded with ideas and peace is replace by stress our breathing become shorter that eventually we start killing ourselves, we don’t inhale enough air to help our body to oxygenate our cell, so our body start ageing prematurely and our mind loose her alertness.

If you ever have enrolled in meditation classes like yoga, studied martial arts, or simply gone to a gym with instructor, one of the first lessons is to relearn how to breath, as you developed good breathing techniques your mind will relearn how to be peaceful and truly aware of whatever you do, think, see, say, touch, eat or perceive, this way getting back in the control seat of your actions and thoughts.

The autopilot that you being experienced which is nothing more that automatic behavior, where your conscience is shut of, and do not really see what is in front of you, you don’t enjoy every instant of your existence.  Think for a moment how life in the city develop, the city is a metropolitan space of land so busy, crowded that life goes away so fast that you don’t even notice until is too late.   A little example but speaks for a thousand words: “Alarm Clock”, what does it say to you? Well let me remind you. You set your alarm clock at 6:00 A:M, you need to be at work at 8:00 A:M right?, so what happen at the sound of the alarm in the morning?, you will wake up at the ring. Without a clue of what time it is, your subconscious react at the sound, your body gets up, it takes a fast shower, dress up and maybe you will have a breakfast at home, but.. most probably you won’t, you will grab a cup of coffee on the way.. Sound familiar? Well I did it for 25 years and so billions of people around the globe.  You will have some notion of time in your way back to your home, when you are stuck at traffic, and only because you get impatient and start looking at the clock, this pattern is repeated every day of your life without your control, even on weekends if you forget the alarm on, your body will wake up at the sound, you will have a glimpse of reality and remember that you don’t work that day and will go back to sleep but is part of the unreality that we have been set up to perform.. yeah that’s right perform like actors in a stage.

Test yourself for self control.  Today before you go to bed walk a few minutes or just go outside and take a few deep breath, admire the sky, look the trees and plants around, feel the sensation of the air in your face, tell yourself what you will do tomorrow like: “ I intent to wake up at 5:30 in the morning to breath consciously,  I want to make a few stretches, prepare a warm drink and drink it very slowly, I will take a shower and dress up, I will wear such a dress or pants and drive to work”, we are trying to control our time, we want to stop using the alarm clock, if you are afraid of not waking up for work at time try it in the weekend first or set the alarm, it will ring at 6:00 right? If first day could wake up try tomorrow, make your intent stronger don’t worry if you cannot do it the first couple of days, after all is a bad habit you had done it for 20 years or maybe 25 like me.  You will see that once you control your body to wake up, then your mind is back in control, is your first step to freedom, relaxation and realization, you are controlling your body and controlling “time”, the first day that you accomplish the control of your body you will feel this little satisfaction that follows, is your mind in control, your conscience is aware, remember that your mind does not sleep your body does.

Now that you know the power of your mind over your body practice the sensation of discovering your vision again, you have been seeing without seeing.  On your way to work “see” that tree close to your house, look closely.. how beautiful it is the bark with all those designs it looks like a canvas, is a piece of art, for you to admire,  entertain your imagination for a moment  free of charge, when was the last time that you actually stop in the road to admire a tree? Never done it, why?  you take it for grant it, you think that  is  decoration, an accessory for the city, maybe that was the intention of the planners of the city, but the tree is alive and his purpose is different than just been there.

You’ve living in auto pilot, you see the world around you without paying much attention, not aware that you’ve controlled by your artificial surroundings, time, distance, marketing, stress, work all these factors wrap you in a maze and keep you inside a box unable to enjoy nature,  you have the ability to distinguish the colors of the sky, the shapes of the leaves, the contour of the mountain, the clarity of water, the intensity of the eyes, you can actually feel through the eyes.

What about your neighbors, can you recognize your third door neighbor? Did you ever pay attention to the color of his house, what about his car, does he has any kids or a dog, can you remember? or never paid any attention, little details that seems of no important, but they really make a difference it will fill your senses, every image that your mind capture deliver different frequencies with information and only through your eyes that you will capture that, try sometimes knock on his door, introduce yourself, exchange phone numbers, when you see him say hi, it makes a world of difference you will feel better, it will create sympathy, harmony.

See with your eyes, admire everything around you, do not allow TV or magazines to dictate you what is beautiful, what you like, capture it with your own eyes and sense it and you be the judge.

That first time that you realize how important are your eyes to feed images to your mind and that tree on the road will make you remember when you were little,  the memories will start flowing, the faces of your friends, the games you used to play how fun that was, now visualize that tree of your childhood it gave so much fun, shade, fruits, oxygen, and this tree on the road is giving you something very important  he is giving you back your memories, if you just stop and see him and admire him I can tell you this with confidence this tree can give you also shade, refuge, comfort and a soft breeze  full of oxygen, is yours, is free enjoy him and protect him one day could be your only friend.

Sitting in your favorable sofa remember when you bought it, go back to that day when you were sitting and feeling how soft and comfortable it was after you brought it home you dedicate the best moments to relax you probably were impatient to finish your chores so you could come to sit down and enjoy a sip of coffee, but  after a few days you stop enjoying the sofa, it become part of your every day routine, try it again imaging is the first day and it is new,  reclining and think as far back as you can remember your mind will feel so free of your intent of retrieving your memories that they all will want to come out, they will be popping out like pop corn one after another, write them down they are like precious stones that you must cherish, when you feel sad,  read them aloud and live again the moment, remembering  is to live again.

Some people might think that they do not have good memories that their childhood was so sad and miserable that they rather forget about them, if you are one of those that think this way discard those ideas we all have good memories for insignificant that they appear is always good to remember

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The Internet and Peoples’s Rights

The Internet and Peoples’ rights

Who are the crooks?

We are far advance in internet communications and transmission of information throughout the net that we should be ourselves responsible for any loss of data that slip out of your control once is release throughout the web. It is insane the inquisitional persecution that kids and adults are being subject to by the music and movie industry.

Seems that lawyers are always ready to strike and judges have lost their inherited discretion power, the power that justice have bestowed on them, after all they are acting in the name of god, so the bible said. God inherited his powers to the judges so they can carry justice to the people, and specifically said not to made petty crimes

When the material is transmitted using the internet as a means; especially if it is copywriter material the owner of the data should keep the product protected and secure. If such person, entity, organization or other form of physical entity claim to be the owner of such material.

We can’t go back to the 60’s when the first copy machines came to existence they were also the target of jealousy and courts theatrics, we should advance our mentality at the same pace that our technology is advancing and act within the advance of it . Information is a legacy of the human race, and it comes in many different packages, been books, cds, dvd, electronic books, data (information transmitted thru the internet) software, games, utilities, drivers etc.

I understand that when somebody comes with an idea, she or he should be rewarded for his/her work, sure I agree, but also I advocate that if such work final destination is for the betterment of humanity should be public domain as soon as the work is paid for.

How can we be fair to authors of books, software engineers, song writers, inventors and so on and so forth. Well the formula is very simple the work before to be made available to the public should be categorize and priced accordingly to its importance to society and once the price is meet, meaning the price the owner wants to get for his/her material, immediately should be made available to the public. Anyway we live in a snoby society where publicity stunts are play every day, millions of people around the world feel the necessity to be the first ones to own such books that they will spend cold nights in the sleeping bags, waiting outside of bookstores just to be the first ones to own Harry Potters, or Twilights just to name a few.

When the material is worth it, the authors should not be worry of not making enough money, they will get a fair price. If the people demand the product in cases like games or software even better, before the product is even manufactured is already being sold, billons of dollars are made for new material, why the greed?, they still want to get more money out of something that is obsolete, because in our technologic era products from last month are out of the mind of the people today becoming obsolete.

If what is important for humanity is given less value in our courts around the world. I’m referring to inventions, the owner get the privilege to his/her work for only 30 years after that it become public domain, why the digital material enjoy to better standing in time, 100 years if I am not wrong?.

And to be fair in my comments let me assure you that in 95 % of the cases being challenged in courts for “illegally download” those cases are not being fought by the real and rightful owners at least in the majority of the cases. Books are usually bought by a publisher and get to keep the rights of the book, unless the author is a known writer and have some bestsellers in their record they loose their rights of the book, right at the beginning of the deal, songs most of the time are bought by famous singers and they pretend to be the writers and they register the song as their keeping the copywriter rights material for themselves. maybe is not always the case but is very common, singers and bands that are unknown loose their rights when a big company produce their CD’s in exchange for advertisement and little money, the software’s rights in the great majority of the cases is lost when the creator mind has to give his rights even before the software is made, the material is considered property of the company where the person works and the credits and regalities belong to the company maybe a pat in the back and a little bonus for the creator mind.

And for MOVIES THE web is extensive. A lot of people is involved in the creation of the movie, should be fair to said that every body that work in the process should be EQUALLY OF the product yeah, sure.. but is not the case. The Studio, Producer, Director, usually are the top money makers and they considered themselves the owners and they are the ones that copywriter the movie, in certain instances where the actor/actress is a big shoot they demand part of the proceeds, rare cases, I heard of Robert De Niro I might be wrong but the point is who is suing and what for? There are thousands of people being sued for “illegally downloading” material from the internet and more cynical I found is that there are actually companies that were formed just to find illegal downloader and they are selling their findings to companies that want to sue people can you believe this?. This remained me of the crocks lawyers that roam supermarkets and they are ready to hand business cards to customer that slip and fall inside the premises, or the lawyers that make millions of dollars out of uninsured motorist and when they pack their packets with poor’s people money they start pushing for legislation to oblige motorist to pay for insurance well the list go on and on, this time they aim is “illegal downloads” but what more surprise me is that judges are being made part of this theater.

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Choices we make- Right or Wrong?


The choices we make – Right or Wrong?

by Marivel Guzman Mar 02, 2009

What is right or what is wrong? It is a simple answer, “The Perception of each individual is different, what seems right for me, would look wrong for you and vice verse, the upbringing of each individual determine his perception of reality. I will give you a classical example because is common in our society to being raise by you grandparents.  If you were raised by your grandmother, with “moral values” that are 200 years old lets use this for the sake of my example,( but of course there are exceptions to the rule), you would find absolutely wrong the actions that I find perfectly fine.  I was raised by my grandmother and two aunts; the three of them were separated from their husbands for perfectly understandable reasons, the three of them had to work and live as single parents to raise their kids, so their moral values changed to fit their new reality, so it was mine.

But what are moral values? Nothing more that conducts norms adequate to the epoch, or simply saying accepted by the society in specific times. In a more descriptive explanation or rationalization of the use of Moral values, let’s dissect their significance as separate words and as a whole one two words expression as well.

According to Western Dictionary:

Moral: Concerned with right and wrong and the distinction between them. As plural Morals is applied always in sexual matters, or also used to denote Principles of conduct.

Value: The measure of how strongly something is desire.

Principle: A law of nature as formulated and accepted by the mind.  The acceptance of Moral Law as guide to behavior.

Conduct: To behave oneself.  Be-Have. Be and Have.

Behave or Behavior: To conduct oneself.

We analyze all these words and say nothing concrete as separate expressions or words, but when you applied them into the context of reality of now then is up to every individual to give the meaning to these words or expressions and act accordingly to his or her acceptance.

My understanding is to conduct yourself, be to a degree of what you have, to what your mind accepts as normality or normal, be right to your comfort zone of understanding to what is right or feels right.

I can go on and on and my perception will always be different of the next person, of course sometimes in life we interact with persons very much alike and we will be more comfortable dealing with these individuals. So the choices we make will look more right than wrong in that setting.

We should consider what is sociable accepted to a degree that we do not want to be single out because after all we are social beings programmed to act accordingly to the settings, maybe a few exceptions of the rule “Introvert People” “ermitan”..

So, how you conduct yourself in life is up to you, you always will be the ultimate responsible of your actions and consequences.

But remember there are no coincidences in life, the choices you make beam to a purpose.

You may well become a great scientist, teacher, leader, doctor, what you want to be is what will determine the choices that you make, some will bring positives results sooner that later, sometimes are not immediate but nonetheless they will come.

When kids start showing at very early age signs of determination it is confusing for parents, you hear very often this expressions like “Wow this kid has character”, or  “He has bad Temper” these kids a lot of the times are misunderstood. Contrary to the general assumption that these are bad kids that they will end up bad in life is wrong to categorize them as bad. The shows of determination at the early years, telling us that they know what they want and that will bring them early results in life, but we as a parent tend to try to stir up their life of what we want them to be, but every individual has a purpose in life and regardless of what we want to make them be they will become themselves.

Every one of us has a purpose and is up to us to find it, for that reason we need to live in plenitude to enjoy our existence, to live in harmony with humanity and Mother Earth, because only in complete harmony we will unveil the secrets of the universe and free ourselves and be part of the multi-verses.

So remember the choices are yours to make, never stop to experience them, never question if they are right or wrong, they are just choices make them instantly and they always will be right for you, but remember as long as you have the doubt in your mind about the choices in front of you and instead of acting  by instinct you think twice and rationalize your next move, because does not feel right in your mind, you are following your logical thinking but as you act you feel ants in your stomach, that is your ability to use your sixth sense which is almost forgotten but not completely,  your inner you, your subconscious trying to help you, trying to awaken.

Learn to trust your instinct more often and you will see how easily you make better choices; your life will make a turn very favorable that will surprise.

Sometimes you admire individuals that are very successful in life you probably wonder why these individuals always coming ahead of the game, entrepreneurs   that risk a lot, you surprise of their ability to win, but all they are doing is acting on instinct, their attitude is positive, because they follow their inner self. Sometimes ego gets in the way and their plans do not go according to schedule, remember my friends do not confuse my words with carelessness and ego centrism because one thing is being self-confident and another is being arrogant.

Dr Hua-Tuo a Chinese Medical Doctor that believes that humans beings should exercise and imitate the movements of animals: Birds, Tiger, Snakes and Bears to recover original life abilities that had been lost to the use of logical behaviors and not intuitive behavior. Learning to act natural will restore our natural instincts.

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Indians? Forever!

And He Saw Indians?.. Forever..

New World?..or Old Word?

The Native Residents of the Land of America, Who are they?  At least in our continent called properly American Continent and not Christopher or Columbus Continent. When Christopher Columbus arrived to “The Indias Orientales” where rumors were saying that was a land shining with gold, he rapidly named the humans in those lands Indians, but there is a little problem with that name, he did not arrived to the Indians Orientales and he did not saw Indians, he saw the remains of the that Mayan Civilization that we heard so much, but know so little. Our poor merchant Portuguese set foot in a pristine land full of mysteries and riches well protected in the heavy southern jungle. When Christopher  brought the news to the Spaniard Crown, he will refer to them in only two adjectives: Indians or Savages.  How sad for our modern civilization that our hunters in their pursue of gold,  destroyed the legacy of that great civilization, their temples were savaged, ravaged for these men that called themselves “Civilized” Since that day on, any person found in the “New World” -or New Spanish a name that prevailed for more than 100 years- will be called Indian, what a terrible mistake and the most horrible of this incident is that our scholars, the persons in charge of our education for more than 500 years had failed to correct that mistake in our his-story, and to this day every person that is instructed in school around the globe is taught the word Indians to refer to anybody that is not of European descend. Imagine our experts mathematicians, The Mayans or our Illustrious Warriors the Aztecs, what will they think of our education system if they will be an equal citizen of those lands, if they could complain and call for a correction in His-story to really be Their-Story. Sometimes I wonder if it is in memory of Christopher Columbus’ Mistake that we don’t rightly correct the name Indians or if negligence or laziness of our educators, we got comfortably numb with that error that we don’t want to take the task to correct the education system of the World. I heard this expression when one wants to refers to indigenous people, Indian with a dot (referring to Hindus) or Indian with feather, how sad even well knowledgeable people had use this expression. Can we imagine the monumental change that had to be done to every trace of Indians? We even have a Indian Heritage Day Not to mention Indians Reservations, the supposed federal protected lands.. but that’s another story. Indian Protection Laws. Indian Museums Indians Trails. Indian Lands Indian Blood And the more cynical of all “American Indian History” This is one of those times that I have to make emphasis in the words History and His-Story, because certainly what it was imprinted in books was His-story.

BTW There is no End of the Word, It is the End of the World As we Know. In reality started Changing Already

It is worth to mention that the Mayan calendar which is believe to be at least 5200 years old according to the archaeologists, but I say that if we take in consideration the calendric system that they were following in great cycles of 1,872,000 days or 5128.77 of -of our non-accurated gregorian calendar years – and we are about to start a new cycle sometimes in 2011 or 2012, then they are much older civilization that we thought there were at least in this plane of existence that we are living now. Anyway their calendar as old as it is clearly shows that the sun was in the center of the planets revolving around it and not the earth being the center of the universe as the church proclaimed for many centuries, and also the earth as a round astral body and not flat as the church argued in their holy books.  Poor Cristobal Colon he finished his last years in a mad house because he believed until his death that the earth was round. I Have the privilege to had lived with the Txeltzal Tribe direct descendants of our Mayans, in the city Tuxaquiltxa in Ocosingo on the high sierra of Chiapas, one of the last pristine lands in Mexico, at least in those years the 80’s now after the 94 revolve I don’t know. I wish I had done more for them, I learned from their rich culture their rituals and dancing, and the most important for me was probably the properties of the plants that they use in a very peculiar way.

Plants of the Gods - Their Sacred, Healing and Hallucinogenic Powers by Richard Evans Schultes and Albert Hoffman Healing Arts Press (Vermont) 1992

Some are use as food and others as medicine and a few of them to induce deep soporific state,  these plants that ones the governments of the world are interested in make them illegals.
50-year-old Chippewa Sioux named Leonard Peltier, the most controversial and potent symbol of a violent civil-rights struggle waged in this country more than two decades ago. Serving consecutive life sentences for the murder of two FBI agents in the summer of 1975,  Peltier has been behind bars for the past 19 years. If the U.S. Parole Commission has its way, he’ll stay there for at least 14 more. Robert Redford and Michael Apted have made a sympathetic documentary, Incident at Oglala, and Apted has also directed a feature film, Thunderheart, inspired by his story.The most famous and influential book about his case, Peter Matthiessen’s In the Spirit of Crazy Horse. To a remarkable degree, Matthiessen’s version has been widely accepted as the definitive account, as well as the starting point for most of those who have turned their attention to the Peltier story. Yiwipi is a lakota ceremony where the shaman goes into trance and the spirit of animals or elements goes into him and can cure, find lost things, and predicts events. Yuwipi men are reluctant to perform the ritual today because they believe that their divination will ultimately involve the local police and other federal authorities, and they do not want to be responsible for sending another Indian to jail or prison. (Excerpt taken from Mariah Media Inc.) Scott Anderson’s most recent book is The Four O’Clock Murders (Dell). He won the 1993 Pope Foundation Award for Investigative Journalism and was a finalist for the 1994 National Magazine Award for reporting.-Reference- -(c)1994-2007 Mariah Media Inc. All rights reserved. Excerpt taken from the Dakota-Lakota-Nakota Human Rights Advocary Coalition- They made us many promises, more than I can remember. But they kept but one – They promised to take our land…and they took it. — Chief Red Cloud

Tunkashila, Let us stand Coalition strong in protection of our lands, our beliefs, our Sacred Spirituality, and our traditional Indigenous ways of life. We stand in strong support of Indigenous Rights and the Inherent Allodial title of Dakota, Lakota, and Nakota Lands. Let us reclaim what is ours and work diligently to preserve what we now have.

That piece of red, white and blue cloth stands for a system and a country that does not honor it’s own word…If it stood for honor and truth, it would remember our treaties and give them the appropriate place under international law. But it doesn’t. It dishonors its own word and violates its treaties… In Honor of Tony Black Feather (Died August 11 2004) Why the white raze have the incessant wish to exterminate our last wise men of the past in Earth, this extermination is happening around the globe, being Australia, Africa and America  3 hot spots. There are so many accounts in His-Story of massacres of indigenous people, that we need full encyclopedias to tell what really happened  in those stories and maybe if their-story is written down we could see the truth of the savages that killed our wise fathers, mothers, daughters and sons in those days and one day they could forgive us and we all can move on.

La Malinche, The Mother of the New Cultura Ibero Americana

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