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Have a Question, Can you Answer it?

You ever wonder why our society does not progress faster than we have?

Is there any hiden agenda? Are we product of some alien civilization that uses us to convenience?

Are we slaves?

Can we educate ourselves without official direction?

What we learn in school is really real?

Official numbers never make sense? right?

Can we evolve? Mentally?

Do we have to freed ourselves of our dogmas?

Does education is in the way, like Einstain said?

What is education?

Does moral values in the way of our progress as individuals?

What are moral values?

What are values?

What are Principals?

What are Morals?

What is epoch?

What is fashion?

Who invent fashion?

Does religion is in fashion?

What is faith?

What is hope?

Does hope is Wait is the same?

Does religion become a treat to our society?

Who dictate religion?

Who is in charge of religion?

Who benefit of religion?

Where the money goes?

Who Control the money?

Does Vatican control belief?

Does God live in the Vatican?

Does God chooses the Pope?

Do you believe in yourself?

Do you love yourself?

The Pictures of space are real?


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Government and Religion

Our independence will only be possible when all the people of the world start taking control of their lives and stop being depended in their governmental structure.

Localized resources should be a priority of all the people of the world. Agriculture being the most important and manufacture the next.

Globalization is a disease that has to be cure before is too late, because  is nothing more than monopoly where a few corporations control the economy of the world and they can not be liable for any mischief in their operations, being impossible to bring a resolution to any conflict or complaint.

When the people of the world understand that religion it was designed since the begining of the times to keep conlfict alive.

There are dozens of countries that still base their government in religious rules, being almost impossible to bring change without causing an internal revolution. Their mentality is so severely control by their religion that any attempt will be suicide.

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information or desinformation

The spread of information has become the tool No 1 in the battle of the minds.
Information comes in different packages:Books, magazines, newspaper,radio, TV, internet and much more. It has been used in stages, at the beginning long time ago, the cavemen engraved some caves with pictographs as a way to record what has happened. I considered those records to be the purest of the information that we have now, they were simple and without attachment of control as our modern media have morphed to  be.

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Rationalize Ignorance

Due to mis-education we are lead to believe that the theory of opposites is not existent, religious education is most guilty of this tendency to ignore balance that must exist in nature to exist, humanity being primarily included in the order of nature. Western civilization in its effort to control the human mind converted the doctrine of bad and good in a choice theory, instead of preserving the theory of the opposites, creating in its path a religious worship.

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